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Soul Aspects Part II

I have worked with several aspects to heal, but this one had the most resistance and I just didn’t know what to do. I took a break from visiting with him until I knew what I could do that was different than what I had already tried.

At the end of January 2018, I attended a *Jonah Group and my first question written was about working differently with my aspect.

*See at the bottom: Jonah Group

Before Jonah moved to me so I could ask my questions, he was speaking to the person next to me about the illusion of time.

That’s it! Of course! I need to go to his age BEFORE he was corded!

 “Good day,” Jonah said to me.

I said hello and pressed voice record on my phone.

“My corded aspect…I need to go to the age he was before he was corded,” I said.

“Yes! The age when the cording occurred in this one’s lifetime was ages 16-18. This one was first corded at the age of 16, it began dissipating and then came back stronger at the age of 18.” 

I knew of the power behind the cord. Though the person cording my aspect was some person I didn’t know, there was another individual who was empowering the cord causing my aspect to refuse to heal.

“Is it useful to know why the cord is being fed into by another individual?” I asked.

“This one (aspect) carries a belief that the cord supplies this one with life energy and if the cord was removed this one would die. This is a lie that has been told to this one, but a lie nonetheless this one believes. This one sees another in the nonphysical as the form of a savior. That has been orchestrating the difficulty as a savior. So if ye speak to this aspect in regards to this nonphysical entity, in any negative form, this one will become angry and push ye away because ye are attacking this one. This one is far from a savior, is indeed a master of the dark. Nonetheless this one believes as a savior. Therefore, if ye go back to the age when it began (16) and begin working with this one what is beginning to occur. Certain feelings and sensations in this one’s body to begin searching when that physical sensation occurs what are the thoughts of consciousness that begins to occur. That separates this one from this one’s family. Separates from love.” Jonah said.

I instantly thought of many angry youth with whom I have worked. I remembered that even if a teen was abused by a parent, you never would speak poorly of that parent. Many times, the teen is still seeking love and approval from the parent, regardless of the prior abuse. If you speak negatively about someone the teen is seeking approval from, you become the bad person and the teen will shut down.

“Not too different from working with an angry teen…” I said.


“So when I asked him if the cord was removed and he said yes, he lied…” I said.


Now, I knew what to do differently. I simply needed to go to his age 16 in meditation. As happens most of the time, I became excited once I had a plan.

I went to my aspect at his age of 16. He was there, as he always was, but he appeared resistant in listening to me. As if he didn’t trust me. I simply sat beside him with giving him plenty of space. I remembered well, in working with angry youth, you always give them space and never look down on them as if you are superior.

I spoke with him of self-honor, love, and taking charge of his life. I told him there are no saviors and that ones who say they’re saviors actually control. I spoke this in general terms without mentioning his cord. He seemed to listen, but I knew I would need to see later if he took it in.

A few days later, I went to him again. He seemed willing to listen. He offered me the sense that he felt or was rejected at some point. I shared with him about how I was bullied as a kid and how I needed to learn to like myself after having experienced rejection and bullying. I told him I loved and accepted him no matter what. I offered him a big hug and he said thank you. I let him be for a while and told him I would return.

I have learned in working with my pained aspects, it’s best to not talk too much or try to hurry a process. It’s also important to have a strong focus and to use assertiveness in working with them. Being passive in working with aspects never seems to work, at least for me. I have to be active in working with them. Simply offering love and compassion hasn’t been enough to help aspects change their perceptions from pain and trauma to self-acceptance and empowerment. I always need to have direct conversations with them, but not in a rushed fashion. Consistency is also important. 

A few days later, I visited with my aspect. I could see he was better and this gave me hope. So far, it had been two months of working with him and finally I was starting to see some progress.

“Can you repeat to me what I said last time?” I asked.

I said this for two reasons. One-I wanted to see if he retained anything. Two-I couldn’t remember what I said because I didn’t review my journal before going into the meditation.


He repeated the overall message of our last conversation. That I spoke of self-power and self-honor.

That sounds right.

 I was happy he retained the information. He seemed to be understanding he has power all on his own. I again talked about not needing a savior in general terms and decided to use an analogy.

I stood up straight, placed my hand on his shoulder, and said, “I now give you the ability to be a male.”

I said this with a bit of drama to make it look asinine.

He simply looked at me seemingly confused.

“See how ridiculous that sounds? You are already male, so how can I give you something you already have? So a savior cannot give you safety of being saved either. You don’t need saved, you don’t need to be given power, because you are ALREADY powerful!”

I expressed love for him and reminded him he’s already a part of my family and he will never be alone.

I promised to return shortly. I noticed if I took even a few days in between there was a slight set-back. Though he seemed to be making progress it appeared it was two steps forward and one step back each time overall. I planned to visit him again later that day.

In meditation, he was ready for me when I arrived. He had a smile on his face and suggested we take a walk.

He pointed to the trees and said, “These were the trees where people were hung for treason for speaking against the king,” he said.

“Eww…” I said while looking at him.

He paused.

“Yeah, let’s walk in the other direction,” he said.

We turned and walked away from the trees while I wondered about the hangings. I always thought people were beheaded back then, but decided to search it online after the meditation.

I read that some people were hung while the upper class were beheaded. Some were drawn and quartered for their punishment. I won’t describe what the latter is; anyone can search for it. All I can say is I cannot unread what I read about drawn and quartered punishments.

He shared with me that he thought a savior could make him eternal if he’s hung. I told him he’s already eternal and doesn’t need anyone to ‘grant’ him that. He seemed to be more aware of how the ‘savior’ presents himself. He’s catching on.

The next day, I visited with him again and he seemed happy. He said his anxiety is much less but it’s still there. I told him how proud I am of him.

I only waited one day to visit him again and he shared with me something he did while still alive. He showed it to me in an image.

He somehow tripped or pushed a woman down the stairs in a house that looked very wealthy. This woman was a mistress and was pregnant. He panicked and hid the body somewhere in the house. Though London has cool temperatures, it was also summer, and he didn’t take into account the body smelling. The body was found, but it appeared they did not connect it to him. However this kept his fear intact, a fear of being punished.

After the meditation and recording it in my journal, I realized there have been many times I will be standing at the top of the stairs and quickly have a vision of falling down the stairs and severely injuring myself with no one home to help me. I wondered if this vision was a reflection of what he experienced with the female.

A day later, I went to him and told him he did not need to fear punishment, that he has the right to refuse punishment energy and does not need a savior. His guide appeared and I also saw a light. My aspect and his guide walked away, but not into the light.

The next day, I was told someone I’ve know since my teen years had passed away. Because I needed to work at my office and stay focused, I stuffed all my grief down for the day. But that late afternoon it came bubbling back up as I needed to process and release it. But I also had promised my aspect I would return that evening. I was now visiting him almost twice per day to keep the momentum going.

Rather than my usual process of going into meditation (read my process at the end) and going to my aspect, it was like I was instantly transported to him. I was also experiencing grief bubbling over like boiling water in a pot.

“What happened to you?” he said, immediately upon seeing me.

“My friend died…” I said as I started crying in the meditation.

He hugged me and I told him I had no energy to have a conversation. I promised I would come visit the next day.

After almost three months now of working with him, I went into yet another meditation after I had processed my grief and was more focused on him.

My aspect was already present and waiting for me. He was concerned about me and wanted to know how I was doing.

“Show me where you live,” I said after thanking him for his concern.

“Where I live?” he asked while seemingly surprised by my question.

I was a bit surprised too, I didn’t expect to ask that question.

He seemed hesitant and said it was in small quarters. He seemed ashamed and showed me what was, in fact, small quarters. It was a simple space with a mattress and a few linens.

After walking away from his living space, I said, “You need to move on, to live in peace, to love.”

He expressed that his resistance was in loving a woman and if he moved on he might miss meeting her again.

I looked over and I saw this woman in the light waiting for him.

“You don’t need to be afraid…you have the right to love yourself and to find peace. You have progressed so much and I am so proud of you. I love you.”

He looked in the same direction and saw the woman and his guides in the light waiting for him.

After hesitating for a moment, he crossed over.

He finally rejected the cord in totality and moved toward empowerment and love.

The other five aspects, I saw in Egypt, do not carry the same pain as the London one. So I felt I needed to direct my focus now to one who did. 

It was time to direct my focus on an abused aspect still alive now and living in Palestine.



My process for going into a higher mind meditation to visit an aspect (be it a younger or older version of me now OR a past/future life):

After taking time to breathe and focus my attention to where I want to ‘travel’, I ask my higher mind for assistance. I relax, breathe, and allow myself to visualize. 

I know I am using my higher mind by how my body feels. My body feels relaxed and my mind focused on a goal. 

I see myself walking into a forest. I inhale the rich earth fragrances (that I can actually smell), feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, see the beauty of the trees and blue sky, and hear my feet walking on dirt and sometimes bird chirping. I tune into all my senses. 

After walking for a moment, I look over to see a cave. I walk into the cave and can smell the damp earth and feel the coolness. Inside the cave, I see another opening full of natural light coming in, though the first part of the cave is a bit darker. 

I walk into the natural light in the opening and stand there allowing images to form and the person with whom I want to visit to form. I take a moment to observe. 

How is my aspect doing? Fearful? Angry? Resistant? Disconnected?

After observing and taking in what I see, I begin to speak with the aspect to gain information and clarity. Then I have something with which to work. 

The deeper the meditation, the more powerful. Some meditations last only 5-10 minutes. It’s the depth that matters the most. 

After coming out of the meditation, I write in my journal what I said, what they said, and everything I observed. The journaling tracks progress (or lack thereof) and begins showing a story-a story that needs to be understood in order to effectively work with the aspect. 

Some of the guided questions I always ask: what happened, why do you feel a certain way, what can be changed, how can I help you? 

Some points I go by: offer compassion and love. Be assertive and focused. Be specific, rather than vague. Avoid judgment, but use discernment. Have direct conversations and carry an expectation of gaining answers. 

*Jonah Groups are offered several times per year in Woodland Park, Colorado. Read more about Jonah at the link.


Soul Aspects


In October 2017, I traveled to London, Greece and Egypt. Aside from my excitement at seeing a location I’ve never before visited (Egypt), I also knew I would come to meet some soul aspects. I just didn’t know how many.


Soul aspects are people who lived in another time frame (sometimes one or more may be alive in your current time frame) and are you in another life. An aspect is you in a past or future lifetime. They may or may not look like your current form and may or may not be the same gender as you. They have experienced their own life, which means they may have experienced trauma, abuse, love, joy, adventure, loss or anything else.


Some people have memories and/or dreams of other lifetimes. Our minds retain the experiences and then transfer to our brains. We can experience many issues in this life as a result of what we experienced in a past life, thus meeting and assisting a soul aspect who still holds onto their past issues can be quite beneficial.


Prior to arriving in Egypt, I was advised to meditate in front of the Sphinx and to look to my left, right, and slightly behind. Though the area in front the Sphinx was quite busy with tourists, I was able to focus and feel. In looking in all three directions, I saw a total of six aspects. Little did I know at the time, one of them would be very difficult to work with.


After returning to Greece for several more days, I prepared to return home to Colorado. In the early morning hours, as I packed my suitcase before the taxi arrived, my friend asked me if I remembered anything from the night before. I asked her what she meant. She shared that I was saying, in a frightened manner, “I don’t know you! I don’t know you!”


Since I had, and still have, no memory of saying this nor to whom I could have been saying it, I simply let the information sit and returned home.


Approximately a week later (having temporarily forgotten what my friend said), my husband, Robert, shared that I said the same thing, also in a frightened manner. Now I was intrigued.


My first thought was maybe I was saying this to my aspect, but at least from a higher mind perspective I do know all my aspects and history. So that didn’t make sense.


Later, I was assisted in understanding. One of my aspects had a cord. A cord is an energetic attachment that will have a negative intent. The intent is to control something or someone. Many physical people have attachments/cords that can convince a person to act on many painful thoughts. This can be substance abuse, self-harm, harming others, and/or suicide. The results of a cord can also be depression, anger, denial, and many other painful responses.


A cord comes from another person (physical person or a nonphysical/ghost person). The person doing the cording (attachment) is trying to control something. The person who is corded may feel they have little power over their emotions and reality.


Not everyone who is depressed, angry or suicidal has a cord, but many do.


With assistance, I understood the person cording my aspect was coming to me to try and pretend HE was my aspect. From a higher mind perspective, I knew the cord was only trying to manipulate and I was resisting him.


With my guides’ assistance, I saw that my true aspect has blonde short hair. Later I was also told he lived in the 1400’s in London. This explained why my first trip to London, in October, meant so much to me. I absolutely love London.


More than once, Robert told me I was yelling at someone in my sleep. I never have memory of talking in my sleep, but I can probably assume it was connected to the cord.


It was time for me to begin working with this pained aspect, to help him heal in order to let the cord detach from his energy.


A physical person, who is corded, would most benefit from a Life Energy Flow Tai Yi treatment to remove the cord. Even nonphysical ones can have a cord removed by another who knows how to do it. I came to realize my aspect simply didn’t want his cord removed.


In my first meditation, I went to him so we could talk. He was already there waiting for me. As I spoke with him, generally offering my assistance, I took his hand. I could feel warmth in my physical hand as I touched his in the meditation. He did not seem willing to accept my assistance but did not immediately walk away. In ending the meditation, I promised to return.


Procrastination became a theme in working with my aspect. So many times I would find something ‘more important’ to do instead of working with him. I knew I would need to move past this resistance.


Two weeks later, I went into a meditation to visit with him again.


“I was told not to trust you,” he said.


“Of course you can trust me, we are of the same soul,” I said.


He didn’t look convinced, but he did show me an image.


In the image, he was shaking a woman by the shoulders and telling her she needed to admit guilt to someone. The feeling he offered me was that he was convincing her to admit guilt to something she didn’t do, but would allow him to avoid punishment. She did admit guilt and was punished. He then carried guilt for doing this.


“You have to forgive yourself,” I said, after he showed me the image.


“I’m done talking!”


He turned and walked away leaving me there with no idea what to do.


Later I was advised that if he does that again, to place myself in front of him instead of allowing him to leave. If he turns to leave again, to move again in front of him.


A few days later, I returned to him. I implored the need to forgive himself. His energy seemed slightly better, but I knew I had much work ahead of me.


A week later, I decided to call him to me instead of going into meditation. I called him just like I would any nonphysical person. I waited a few minutes and then felt him arrive.


He seemed better, but I was cautious since I knew the cord had a lot of power behind it and can manipulate. I, again, expressed love, patience, and kindness to him. I advised him to forgive himself and that it’s ok to heal. He didn’t say much but seemed to listen to at least part of what I said.


He left.


Soon after that I received a Life Energy Flow Tai Yi treatment. This particular treatment is designed to assist pained aspects. As a physical person, I would receive the treatment, but the energy was more for the pained aspects to assist them. My focus, my desire, my hope was for the treatment to help my London aspect release the cord that was attached. It seemed with every meeting with him, he took in little bits of information, but ultimately the cord seemed to have the control.


I gave the treatment time to assist him before I tried to speak with him again. In the meantime, I had a dream in which I was being restrained by two humans and tried to fight it.


A few days later, I called him to me again.


“Are you still corded?”




“Are you sure?”


He nodded.


“What caused your fear? What were you so afraid of?” I asked.


“Of being alone.”


“But I’m here, a part of you. I love you…”


He did not say anything and simply left. I had doubt that his cord was removed, but I wanted to hope.


In the meantime, I began to see the subtle influence the cord had on me, though it was not attached to me directly. The cord’s influence would lead me to pull back-almost like wanting to hide, to go into resistance. I realized, for a while, occasionally I would feel this but did not recognize its source. Now I began to see…


A few weeks later, I went back into meditation to the aspect instead of calling him to me. I could see from his lack of progress that nothing changed and his cord was still influencing him.


“I don’t want to talk with you,” he said and started walking away.


I jumped in front of him. He turned and I jumped in front of him again. We stood staring at each other for a moment, but I didn’t know what to say anymore. I felt confused and defeated.


What was I to do with this? I felt like I was hitting my head against a brick wall with nothing to show for it. I felt like nothing productive was happening.


Soul Aspects Part II coming soon!

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