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Roswell, New Mexico

January 2017 marks the second anniversary we began our investigative trips, beginning in Montauk, New York. When Tina, Andrea, and I embarked on our first adventure, we had no idea it would eventually involve seeing the torture and harm some extraterrestrials have been doing to people. Our work involves assisting children who have been experimented upon and tortured to their death.

Our latest trip involved helping children who were still caught in their pain of being harmed by ETs while in the physical and then still held captive in their pain while in the nonphysical.

We were led to Roswell, New Mexico. This was a location in which I did not have particular interest. Whenever I think of Roswell, I think conspiracy theories, hoax, and sensationalism. Did the events of Roswell even occur? Are the stories valid? And if it did happen, is it relevant to our investigations?

Previous to our investigations, I was not particularly interested in extraterrestrials. For me, they were neither here nor there. I knew they existed but they didn’t bother me. I had not yet seen ETs and have not seen UFOs as some have.

My interest was more in the realm of what people are doing to other people. What we have come to understand is that people are involved with helping ETs continue their own experiments and torture.

As always, we never really know what we will run into on our trips. What we do know is that we work together and our friendship solidifies our foundation of searching, helping, and exposing.

We made the necessary arrangements and rented a house with an alarm system. On a previous trip to Albuquerque, we had a physical intruder twice.

This latest trip to Roswell was no exception in seeing the link between government and extraterrestrials. The adventure began the first evening before we had even made contact with any children.

“Tami, do you see something there?” Tina asked.

I turned to the spot at which she was pointing.

“Yes…it’s a man. An angry man. A mental body projection, not a deceased person. He’s military or government.”

“Go away, you’re not wanted here,” he said.

“Wait, I want to record this on my phone. I’m writing a book,” I said.

I grabbed my phone to start recording and he became angrier.

“Do you think this is a joke?”

“No, no I don’t. What do you want us to know?” I said, while shrugging.

“You need to leave and you need to stop this nonsense. You’re not actually helping anyone. You realize that? You won’t find anyone, there’s no one here,” he said.

“If there’s no one here, then why are you here?”

Tina started laughing.

“Quit changing words, this is not a place for you to be. This is a warning.”

“We’re not leaving.”

“I warned you.”

He left the room and house.

“Why is he warning us?” asked Andrea.

“They like to intimidate. They’ve tried this before and they’ve broken into our space before. It still hasn’t worked and this won’t work. We will find children who are hurting and want to move on.”


More coming soon


National Laboratory

Apparently, desiring to explore the grounds of a National Lab is frowned upon. 

I had read online there were some abandoned buildings in the vicinity of the National Laboratory. Maybe they were on the same property? I knew the Lab was secure, and had guards, so what would it hurt to just see if we could peruse the area?

After the two and half-hour drive, we arrived in Los Alamos and found our way to the Laboratory.

Pulling up to the gates, I could see there were at least four gates, but only one was open. Ahead we went.

“We wanted to explore the Laboratory,” I told the guard.

“You can’t. Is that why you came? Just turn around there and leave.”

“Oh…well, I also heard there are abandoned buildings from the Lab in the 1940’s here. Do you know where those are?”

“There are no abandoned buildings. Just turn around there and go back.”

“Are you sure? I thought there were abandoned buildings?”

“No! This is the only laboratory. There are no abandoned buildings. Just turn there and leave.”

I was inclined to give him a hand gesture, but decided against it and simply turned around and left. But not before thinking about accelerating the car toward the Laboratory. I saw the sitting guard or police car and decided against it.

“What do we do from here?” I asked Andrea and Tina.

“Let’s find the park,” Andrea suggested.

We drove to the Visitor’s Center, which led us to the Aquatic Center. It was suggested that we needed a pass to get into the park, which didn’t make sense to us but we went with it.

We arrived to the Aquatic center to ask for directions and a pass.

“You don’t need a pass to visit the park.”

“Well that makes more sense. How do we get there?”

He gave us directions and said we’d need to go through security at the National Laboratory.

“We have to go through the gates to get to the park?”

“Yeah, they’ll just check your ID and wave you in.”

I looked at Andrea wondering if the guard would let us in after our previous questioning.

Sitting in the car before making our way back to the Laboratory, Andrea and I devised a plan.

“We can just play ditzy and confused,” Andrea suggested.

“Yeah, we’ll pretend we were confused and he’ll play right in and not give us a fuss.”

Thankfully, I didn’t give him the finger.

“Look, we’ll just say we’re from out of town and we got confused and just want to see the park.”


Maybe I should twirl my hair with my finger? No, too obvious.

“He’ll probably be the only guard again too,” I said.

We arrived at the same guard’s station and I lowered my window with a smile on my face.

“Here we are again!” I said and chuckled.

“We are just so confused. We actually want to see the park, Camp May! I don’t know what I was thinking before.”

“Camp May?” he said.

“Yes, the Aquatics center sent us this direction to get to Camp May,” Andrea said.

“The Aquatics Center?”

“Yes, so sorry to bother you. We just arrived to see Los Alamos and got turned around and confused!”

Should I bat my eyelashes? No, too obvious.

Score! He smiled!

“Ok…go ahead and go straight. You’ll see a sign for Camp May and just follow it. To get back this way, you’ll have to go through security again on the other side. Just show him your ID.”

“Thank you so much!”


“You can come out of the bathroom…”

I knew she could hear me, but she wasn’t immediately responding.

“I don’t know where I am,” she replied.

“Well, you’re in my home, obviously dead. I think I can help you.”

“Why do you think you can help me?”

“I’ve helped many like you.”

“What is that?”

Coming out of the bathroom, she pointed to my laptop.

“It’s a computer.”

She seemed confused.

“Do you want to tell me what happened?”

“I don’t remember everything.”

“You don’t have to remember everything, you can just tell me what you do remember.”

“I was locked up.”

“Do you know why?”

“No, they would only give me small amounts of food.”

“Did they do anything to you while you were locked up?”

“I don’t want to remember!”

She became emotional, but not exactly crying.

“Are you sure I’m dead?”

“I’m almost positive you’re dead. It must have been a long time ago if you don’t recognize my computer.”


“Soon after the war ended.”

“Yes, I was taken right at the end. I thought it was victory, but two women kidnapped me. I didn’t trust them.”

“How did they take you?”

She showed me an image of being physically assaulted with her mouth being covered. The two women restrained her.

“They wouldn’t tell me where they were taking me, they just told me to shut up.”

She continued, “They hurt me.”

She showed me an image of her being strapped to a table and…

New Mexico

An excerpt from Silent Whispers; a true story from deceased children

Right after that, we walked up to see over the ridge and waited. A child showed up. She’s between eight and ten years old.

“No one listens to me,” she said.

“It appears she tries to make contact with physical people and they cannot hear her. But we hear her.”

“Will you tell me how to get home? I try to run away but I can’t. Sometimes it’s hard to breathe. I always feel like I’m being watched. Dragon’s tail, dragon’s tail.”

“I’m asking her if she wants to tell us what they did to her, but she is not forthcoming. She’s indicating it hurt and that they did something to her tongue. It sounds like, looks like to interfere with speech. She’s also showing electric shock and it appears she died in that manner,” I said out loud.

“She seems very brave,” Andrea said.

“No I’m not, I just can’t get out of here! Will you help me?” She continued, “Ok, I’ll listen.”

“So ok, good,” Andrea said and chuckled.

I realized the girl was responding to what Andrea was silently telling her.

“The Speaker is here to help guide her over and she sees her.”

“Thank you for finally listening.”

Both the Speaker and the girl moved on.

The One We Missed in Los Alamos

“I was one of the ones you missed, so I followed you here,” he said.

“We missed you? I’m sorry…”

He showed me an image of us driving away and I briefly saw someone standing on the road, but I didn’t stop. I remembered this image.

“There is still control there.”

“Where we were?”


“What are they trying to do?”

“To surpass another,” he said.

I understood him to mean that the scientists’ intent was to create something better or stronger than another group of people.

“You’re intelligent…”

“They studied my mind. They wanted to know how I thought and processed information. I didn’t believe in life after death. I can’t believe I’m here. But then I was standing next to my body. They were resuscitating me.”

“Why were they needing to resuscitate you?”

“I took drugs.”

“How did you get those drugs.”

He didn’t answer.

“Can you tell me what they did to study your brain and mind?”

He showed me card counting.

“That was just one part of it. I studied patterns. Algorithms. I knew things and I could see subtleties that they missed. But I wasn’t a person to them, I was a brain, a computer.”

He showed me images of being intelligent from a very young age.

“I could see how psychics work, how their minds work.”

“You believed in psychics, but not life after death?”

He shook his head no.

“I could see how their mind was working. It made sense to me. Life after death doesn’t make sense to me. Well, it didn’t make sense.”

“How did you feel while seeing your body?”

“I felt very physical. Though, I couldn’t feel what they were doing to me with the CPR.”

“Were there other kids with you like you?”

“A few, there was a girl.”

He showed me a teen girl moving objects with her mind.


“Yes, I saw it and then I knew. I knew it was real.”

“What made you want to take your own life?”

“I was tired of being a rat. They would never let me go. They didn’t hurt me, but I had no life and I knew I never would.”

“Do you want to move into the light?”

“No, not yet. I will. There’s someone I need to find. Someone I care about.”

I acknowledged his response and he left.

His story was quite different from the others. It made sense though, that scientists would explore and study such a mind. I wondered why they needed to keep his experiments a secret since he said they didn’t hurt him. Why not just work with him in a different capacity and allow his freedom? Maybe the people doing this simply had absolutely no regards for human life. How is it possible for ones to have such darkness to their minds, such a closed heart?

Will He Listen to His Guides?

(After speaking with a deceased teenage girl who had come around)

In her place was a teenage boy.

“I was beaten,” he said.

He showed me images of being whipped while…(details will be in Silent Whispers)

“They would give me food, but not a lot. I had to watch images on a screen. I was so tired and they made me keep watching. Tried to fight it, but they controlled me along with the other boys.”


“They wanted to control my mind. They controlled my thoughts, my emotions. I wasn’t always allowed to sleep when I wanted and then I was. It seemed unpredictable sometimes. Sometimes they left me alone for a while, not hurting me or making me do things. And then it would start again.” He continued, “they would take our clothes so we’d be cold.”

“How did they get you?”

“I was walking home alone at night after a party. They stopped to give me a ride and I said yes.”

He showed me a black van and the neighborhood seemed affluent.

“You never went home…”

“No, but they made me call home once.”


“To mislead my parents. They thought I’d gone off the deep end.”

“Do you know how long you’d been there?”


I wondered why he hadn’t moved on to the light and then he answered my question.

He continued, “I don’t know anyone who would want to see me, so I haven’t gone over.”

He said he was taken in 1989 from California.

“I don’t know who, as far as family, would be in the light for you, but I know your guides can help you.”

“Them?” He nods to other side of the room.

I looked over and felt the entities’ energy and it felt compassionate and gentle.

“Yes, I think so…”

“They try to talk to me, to tell me to trust them,” he said.

“Do they ever try to force you, seem like they’re lying to you?”


“Ask them how they can help you,” I said.

“They said it’s ok to love again and they’ll help me find peace,” he said.

He continued, “Thank you for not judging me.”

I could now see he has blonde hair.

I felt the teenage boy move into the light and hopefully would form a friendship with his guides.

What Did They Do To You?

(Note: The Speaker is a female entity who is assisting me with gathering information and helping the deceased children who still hold their trauma)


Sitting in my loft while Bethany and Robert were watching football downstairs, I sensed the Speaker come in and she also had a little girl with her.

“She needs assistance. She was taken from her family and she knows not love.”

“Her family didn’t love her?” I asked.

“No. She was experimented upon from age four to eight-years-old. There was much torture in her life. There was abuse before that at home. Mostly mental and verbal. All she knows is pain.”

“Can you tell me what the experiments were?”

(the details of the experiments will be in the book, Silent Whispers)

It sounds like this occurred in the 1980’s…for her at least.

“You can trust me,” I said to the girl.

She was visibly shaking and was scared to come too close to me.

“It’s ok, she can help you,” the Speaker told the girl and gently nudged her a little closer.

The girl began crying and said, “I’m scared. I don’t want to go home.”

“You don’t have to go home,” I said.

She was holding her stomach in pain.

I looked at the Speaker, confused by this.

“She can feel the pain in the stomach area,” the Speaker said.

“How do I help her? She seems to trust you more than me.”

“She needs to know compassion from more than one.”

As I offered compassion for her our dog, Lacey, decided she wanted love too and came to nudge my hand for petting. This seemed to help ease the girl’s fear.

“She will listen,” the Speaker said this to me as I promised to continue offering her compassion.

The Speaker left and eventually the little girl left too. I wasn’t sure, at the time, if she left to move on or left to a different area of the house. If she remained in our home, I would probably figure it out soon enough.