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New Mexico

An excerpt from Silent Whispers; a true story from deceased children

Right after that, we walked up to see over the ridge and waited. A child showed up. She’s between eight and ten years old.

“No one listens to me,” she said.

“It appears she tries to make contact with physical people and they cannot hear her. But we hear her.”

“Will you tell me how to get home? I try to run away but I can’t. Sometimes it’s hard to breathe. I always feel like I’m being watched. Dragon’s tail, dragon’s tail.”

“I’m asking her if she wants to tell us what they did to her, but she is not forthcoming. She’s indicating it hurt and that they did something to her tongue. It sounds like, looks like to interfere with speech. She’s also showing electric shock and it appears she died in that manner,” I said out loud.

“She seems very brave,” Andrea said.

“No I’m not, I just can’t get out of here! Will you help me?” She continued, “Ok, I’ll listen.”

“So ok, good,” Andrea said and chuckled.

I realized the girl was responding to what Andrea was silently telling her.

“The Speaker is here to help guide her over and she sees her.”

“Thank you for finally listening.”

Both the Speaker and the girl moved on.



The benefit of being a medium is knowing when to ask your grandson, who has the ability to see and hear ghosts, how many ghosts are in his mother’s new apartment.

“Five,” he said.

Onward I go to the apartment to see three there and command they leave. It amazes me how easily they are drawn to my grandson.

But wait…they’re drawn to me too…

Mount Shasta Part 2

“I have to hurry!” a teenage girl said.

“Why?” I asked.

“They take my life again and again. They make me repeat my death. He comes to watch you.”

“Us or you?”

“Yes, me and you.”

“They make me run and then chase after me. I don’t want to continue…I’m ready to go home.”

And just as quickly as she appeared, she left.

We looked around and didn’t see anyone else around to speak with or help. Moving on to a different road, we walked around keeping our eyes open to potential children or teens.

The late afternoon sun indicated to us it was time to start thinking of heading to the hotel. The air was getting more chilly and we were not seeing anymore kids on our walk on different roads.

“Wait, I think something is there,” Tina and Andrea pointed out.

“Yes, there’s a teen boy on that hill. We can’t get up there, but we can still hear him. There’s a female to the right of him.”

“They lie! Everyone lies, don’t believe what they say!” the teen boy said.

“Who?” I asked.

“Your friends, don’t believe what they say.”

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

“Everyone lies! They told me I could go home and I didn’t!”

“He’s very angry,” I said.

“They told me I could go home, but they never let me and they never will. They tell me I always have to go back. I tried to leave but then they come get me. It’s like they tie me with a rope that yanks me back.”

He showed me his head was drilled into. He could feel it…he was awake. They did something to sedate him and then doing… (details in Silent Whispers)

“They killed him after they had what they wanted, but he hurt another girl in his rage, which was set up,” I said to Tina and Andrea.

“The girl to the right is not the girl he hurt,” I added.

“I want to go home. A woman brought me here,” the girl said.

“I don’t believe anything anyone says!” the teen boy said.

“I want to go home. Tell me it’s ok. I want my grandmother,” the girl said.

We worked with the two kids as long as we could. Andrea began connecting with the teen boy as we listened to the girl near him.

We began to leave as we felt they could move on if they wanted. I knew the boy would only move forward if he wanted to at this point. I wasn’t sure if he trusted the light to move into it, but we encouraged him.

That night, we were assisted by higher consciousness beings who offered us guidance and support.

The next day, we located more children and heard their stories and helped them cross over. I noticed more and more men who were projecting their mental bodies to the areas were were connecting with kids. These were men who were trying to interfere with the kids receiving help. I told them to leave, but they kept following us.

On one of our walks we met a nice man who was sitting with his art work, feathers, and his dog. We had a chat with him about his experiences while camping at Mount Shasta.


Later as we moved on, again, many times I would see energy and then it would disappear. I concluded it was children who were either immediately taken away or who held so much fear, they ran away. Either way they were being controlled like the others.

(Details of the other children’s stories in Silent Whispers)

Our final night in Mount Shasta, we had a visitor in the hotel room.

“Tami, do you see someone there?”

Tina was pointing to the wall with a window that I hadn’t been looking at.

“Yes, I do. It’s a man…”

“You don’t understand what you’re doing. You need to stop!” he said.


“You three think you know what you’re doing, but you don’t. You’re screwing with a formula, a quota. More will be taken. The more you help leave, the more will be taken in their place. You will be interfered with.”

He left the room.

“What the hell?” I said to Tina and Andrea.

“Do you think he means it?” Andrea asked.

“I think he thinks he means it. He wasn’t dead. He was alive. The others have never spoke to us before. He made an effort to follow us to our hotel room?”

We came to learn, like the other men, he was a fully alive male who was projecting his mental body.

Was he threatening us?

I don’t know if it was a threat, but more men followed us home after leaving Mount Shasta. Specifically a man in a black suit and white shirt.

More in Silent Whispers.

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They Took Us…

A few days later, I knew I needed to listen to some children’s stories. After spending hours in the sunshine and warm temperatures that are so rare in March in Colorado, I finally settled down to listen.

“They took us,” I heard a deceased child say.

Immediately this child showed me images of being removed from a mother’s arms. The child being removed was an infant. The infant was swaddled in a blanket and this confused me.

“We were taken to hide from the Nazis. We are Jewish and Polish.”

The child, whom I now determined was a girl, was indicating that her mother gave her away in order to save her life.

Five years later, the little girl was taken by the Gestapo. In the images she kept presenting to me, she was moved around from place to place and it appeared from person to person.

“Here, you can use her,” an adult said about the girl.

She was given to scientists for testing.

The little girl showed me her fear at that time and she was held in a solitary room. The room appeared to be clean and sanitary.

One or two adults came into the room to take her to another location; I assumed in the same building. She was screaming and full of fear as they pulled her out of the room to a laboratory. They appeared to have her strapped down and seemed to be checking her eyes, mouth, and other parts of her body. Perhaps this was their definition of a physical exam?

“She’ll do,” one adult said.

Though they must have been speaking in German, it was being presented to me in English as she was conveying her story. She told me her name was Monika.

She showed me being kept inside a dark room and alone. She was fed some food, but she seemed to be in a solitary confinement the whole time.

“They wouldn’t let me see anybody. I would cry for my Momma, but no one came.”

“What did they want from you?”

“They just kept poking at me and hurting me.”

She showed me being poked with needles and strapped down to a table again.

The Speaker was here too and she said, “They removed her blood for testing. They would inject…(details in Silent Whisper) She died a short time later. She never knew her mother, not consciously. The mother is seeking her. The mother remains lost until her daughter is found. You must bring them together.”

“The biological mother?”


“How do I get to the mother?”

“She will come. You must connect them.” She continued, “I will help her until then.”

“Was this in Rzeszow?”

“A different location.”

I knew the mother would come around and maybe soon. I would need to be prepared for her.

I remembered that the girl said ‘we’ and not ‘I’. Who was she talking about?

“They were separated. She knows not what happened to the other. They were both hidden after their birth,” the Speaker said.

I knew the girl was safe with the Speaker and I would be ready for the mother.

Will He Listen to His Guides?

(After speaking with a deceased teenage girl who had come around)

In her place was a teenage boy.

“I was beaten,” he said.

He showed me images of being whipped while…(details will be in Silent Whispers)

“They would give me food, but not a lot. I had to watch images on a screen. I was so tired and they made me keep watching. Tried to fight it, but they controlled me along with the other boys.”


“They wanted to control my mind. They controlled my thoughts, my emotions. I wasn’t always allowed to sleep when I wanted and then I was. It seemed unpredictable sometimes. Sometimes they left me alone for a while, not hurting me or making me do things. And then it would start again.” He continued, “they would take our clothes so we’d be cold.”

“How did they get you?”

“I was walking home alone at night after a party. They stopped to give me a ride and I said yes.”

He showed me a black van and the neighborhood seemed affluent.

“You never went home…”

“No, but they made me call home once.”


“To mislead my parents. They thought I’d gone off the deep end.”

“Do you know how long you’d been there?”


I wondered why he hadn’t moved on to the light and then he answered my question.

He continued, “I don’t know anyone who would want to see me, so I haven’t gone over.”

He said he was taken in 1989 from California.

“I don’t know who, as far as family, would be in the light for you, but I know your guides can help you.”

“Them?” He nods to other side of the room.

I looked over and felt the entities’ energy and it felt compassionate and gentle.

“Yes, I think so…”

“They try to talk to me, to tell me to trust them,” he said.

“Do they ever try to force you, seem like they’re lying to you?”


“Ask them how they can help you,” I said.

“They said it’s ok to love again and they’ll help me find peace,” he said.

He continued, “Thank you for not judging me.”

I could now see he has blonde hair.

I felt the teenage boy move into the light and hopefully would form a friendship with his guides.

What One Thinks…

‘What one thinks is crazy, another knows is true.’ This thought came to me a little while back as I was writing the stories from the deceased children coming to me. It all sounds crazy, but I know they’re not lying and it’s information I could never make up in my worst nightmares.

Even if you do not see nonphysicals (they’re everywhere), if you can sense them, then acknowledge them. Even if you don’t hear their words, tell them they deserve love. Some may not want to hear that, some may reject it, but some may feel it’s safe enough to cross over.

What Did They Do To You?

(Note: The Speaker is a female entity who is assisting me with gathering information and helping the deceased children who still hold their trauma)


Sitting in my loft while Bethany and Robert were watching football downstairs, I sensed the Speaker come in and she also had a little girl with her.

“She needs assistance. She was taken from her family and she knows not love.”

“Her family didn’t love her?” I asked.

“No. She was experimented upon from age four to eight-years-old. There was much torture in her life. There was abuse before that at home. Mostly mental and verbal. All she knows is pain.”

“Can you tell me what the experiments were?”

(the details of the experiments will be in the book, Silent Whispers)

It sounds like this occurred in the 1980’s…for her at least.

“You can trust me,” I said to the girl.

She was visibly shaking and was scared to come too close to me.

“It’s ok, she can help you,” the Speaker told the girl and gently nudged her a little closer.

The girl began crying and said, “I’m scared. I don’t want to go home.”

“You don’t have to go home,” I said.

She was holding her stomach in pain.

I looked at the Speaker, confused by this.

“She can feel the pain in the stomach area,” the Speaker said.

“How do I help her? She seems to trust you more than me.”

“She needs to know compassion from more than one.”

As I offered compassion for her our dog, Lacey, decided she wanted love too and came to nudge my hand for petting. This seemed to help ease the girl’s fear.

“She will listen,” the Speaker said this to me as I promised to continue offering her compassion.

The Speaker left and eventually the little girl left too. I wasn’t sure, at the time, if she left to move on or left to a different area of the house. If she remained in our home, I would probably figure it out soon enough.

Deceased Children Can Still Feel

Two deceased children came into the living room where I was sitting. I could feel that it was a little boy and an older girl, but they weren’t standing next to each other.

“He hit me,” the girl said.


“We wouldn’t listen or do what he said.”

In my mind I was wondering what kind of experiments they had to endure.

She continued, “We weren’t told what the experiments were. Just that we had to hide.”

“Hide? Like from the boogey-man?”

“Yes, so we wouldn’t leave.”

She nods at the little boy, still standing off and away, and said, “They hurt him worse. They would close his mouth so he couldn’t speak and sometimes they would close his eyes.”

“How old are you?”

“I’m eight,” she said while standing straighter and wanting to seem older for her age.

“I wasn’t always around him, sometimes he would run.”

“I’m so sorry they hurt you…”

She showed me an image of her head being shaved. It appeared her hair was blond.

“Is there something you want me to do?” I asked

“Make him not so afraid…”

While she didn’t know exactly what they were experimenting for, she showed me…