The benefit of being a medium is knowing when to ask your grandson, who has the ability to see and hear ghosts, how many ghosts are in his mother’s new apartment.

“Five,” he said.

Onward I go to the apartment to see three there and command they leave. It amazes me how easily they are drawn to my grandson.

But wait…they’re drawn to me too…

Help Who?

“There will be one who will come to you who needs help,” Nicky Boy said.

Nicky Boy!

I had met Nicky Boy in the late fall of 2014. I woke up one morning, turned in bed, and saw a nonphysical man laying on my bed in his dapper clothing from a different era. The era he is from is the 1930’s and 1940’s. He had on his nice suit, leather shoes, and of course…a cigar. I asked him who he was and he said, “Nicky Boy.”

That’s an odd name…and he really likes his shoes.

After coming to know his personality and his enjoyment of his cigars, gambling, and socializing, the nickname made sense. From time to time he comes around to offer his advice and ask me to help someone, he knows, who is trapped in pain.

“He needs guidance to the light and he can’t see me. Do not be disturbed by what you see. You’ll know who it is when you see him,” he added.

This had happened before. I told Nicky Boy I would help his friend whenever he arrived.

A few weeks later, just upon slowly waking up, I felt some droplets of water on my arm that was sticking out of the covers. I looked up and was surprised at what I saw. I quickly sat up against the headboard.

Good grief, what happened to you?!

I saw a wide-shouldered man standing in front of me. He had dark hair, but most importantly he was wet, blind, and dressed in clothing that seemed from many ages ago.

He didn’t communicate with me, he didn’t even seem to see me there…at least at first.


What the hell was that? Why is he screaming like an animal?

I just sat there waiting to see if he could recognize my presence. It was obvious he was carrying immense trauma from another time…for a very very long time.

He backed up towards the wall even though I hadn’t moved. I didn’t get the sense he spoke English, but I knew I would understand whatever he conveyed.

“What happened to you?” I asked.

He communicated at first in pictures. He presented the image of being on a ship from very long time ago. He was whipped and blinded in the form of torture. They tied him up and dropped him into the ocean. Even though this appeared to be more than a century ago, he was still very present in his pain. He was also still wet and blind.

Nicky Boy showed up then too.

“He can’t see me because I didn’t know him in that life. His trauma stops him from seeing me here. I knew him in a different life.”

This man began to speak in a way I could understand.

“I want revenge!”

Oh…that’s what’s keeping him locked in pain.

“I don’t think that’s going to work…”

“I want revenge for what they did to me and to my son!”

“As long as you want revenge upon others who hurt you, you’ll stay in pain. What did they do to your son?”

He showed me an image of his adult son being murdered in what could have been in the same vicious manner.

“I understand why you want revenge. It makes sense. These people hurt and killed you and your son. But it’s obvious you’ve been waiting a long time and revenge hasn’t happened yet. I don’t think you’re going to get your revenge here.”

“They deserve the same pain they caused me and my son.”

I shrugged.

“Your desire for revenge will keep you in a cycle of pain. Whether that pain keeps you in this blind and tortured reality or another reality. It won’t get you to a productive end. Your desire for revenge may be keeping you from seeing your son on the other side. Focus on wanting to see your son.”

As he began communicating what happened to him, he didn’t seem so wet and he appeared calmer too. He seemed more willing to listen.

“You need to cross over.”

“Will they be punished?” he asked.

I shrugged again.

“It will be more like self-punishment. Those who hurt you may very well keep repeating their cycle of pain and trauma. Your desire for revenge keeps you locked in self-punishment. I would imagine it is the same for them…at least for some time. But I haven’t seen anyone punished as you put it.”

It looked like his sight was returning.

“You need to make a choice. Your son could very well be waiting for you on the other side and you’re stuck here. You need to cross over.”

He seemed reluctant to do so, at least until he knew those who harmed him and his son would be punished. Maybe he didn’t quite trust or believe me either.

After thinking about it, I could tell he could see the light or at least a spark of it.

“You want to see your son. I can say he’s not here and you’ve been looking a long time.”

He half-nodded in acknowledgment and very slowly crossed over while I watched and waited.

Nicky Boy acknowledged the work and left. He’ll return again, most likely with a request…or at least to laugh at something I’m doing that he finds humorous.

Well that was one way to begin the day!

Mount Shasta Part 2

“I have to hurry!” a teenage girl said.

“Why?” I asked.

“They take my life again and again. They make me repeat my death. He comes to watch you.”

“Us or you?”

“Yes, me and you.”

“They make me run and then chase after me. I don’t want to continue…I’m ready to go home.”

And just as quickly as she appeared, she left.

We looked around and didn’t see anyone else around to speak with or help. Moving on to a different road, we walked around keeping our eyes open to potential children or teens.

The late afternoon sun indicated to us it was time to start thinking of heading to the hotel. The air was getting more chilly and we were not seeing anymore kids on our walk on different roads.

“Wait, I think something is there,” Tina and Andrea pointed out.

“Yes, there’s a teen boy on that hill. We can’t get up there, but we can still hear him. There’s a female to the right of him.”

“They lie! Everyone lies, don’t believe what they say!” the teen boy said.

“Who?” I asked.

“Your friends, don’t believe what they say.”

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

“Everyone lies! They told me I could go home and I didn’t!”

“He’s very angry,” I said.

“They told me I could go home, but they never let me and they never will. They tell me I always have to go back. I tried to leave but then they come get me. It’s like they tie me with a rope that yanks me back.”

He showed me his head was drilled into. He could feel it…he was awake. They did something to sedate him and then doing… (details in Silent Whispers)

“They killed him after they had what they wanted, but he hurt another girl in his rage, which was set up,” I said to Tina and Andrea.

“The girl to the right is not the girl he hurt,” I added.

“I want to go home. A woman brought me here,” the girl said.

“I don’t believe anything anyone says!” the teen boy said.

“I want to go home. Tell me it’s ok. I want my grandmother,” the girl said.

We worked with the two kids as long as we could. Andrea began connecting with the teen boy as we listened to the girl near him.

We began to leave as we felt they could move on if they wanted. I knew the boy would only move forward if he wanted to at this point. I wasn’t sure if he trusted the light to move into it, but we encouraged him.

That night, we were assisted by higher consciousness beings who offered us guidance and support.

The next day, we located more children and heard their stories and helped them cross over. I noticed more and more men who were projecting their mental bodies to the areas were were connecting with kids. These were men who were trying to interfere with the kids receiving help. I told them to leave, but they kept following us.

On one of our walks we met a nice man who was sitting with his art work, feathers, and his dog. We had a chat with him about his experiences while camping at Mount Shasta.


Later as we moved on, again, many times I would see energy and then it would disappear. I concluded it was children who were either immediately taken away or who held so much fear, they ran away. Either way they were being controlled like the others.

(Details of the other children’s stories in Silent Whispers)

Our final night in Mount Shasta, we had a visitor in the hotel room.

“Tami, do you see someone there?”

Tina was pointing to the wall with a window that I hadn’t been looking at.

“Yes, I do. It’s a man…”

“You don’t understand what you’re doing. You need to stop!” he said.


“You three think you know what you’re doing, but you don’t. You’re screwing with a formula, a quota. More will be taken. The more you help leave, the more will be taken in their place. You will be interfered with.”

He left the room.

“What the hell?” I said to Tina and Andrea.

“Do you think he means it?” Andrea asked.

“I think he thinks he means it. He wasn’t dead. He was alive. The others have never spoke to us before. He made an effort to follow us to our hotel room?”

We came to learn, like the other men, he was a fully alive male who was projecting his mental body.

Was he threatening us?

I don’t know if it was a threat, but more men followed us home after leaving Mount Shasta. Specifically a man in a black suit and white shirt.

More in Silent Whispers.

Mount Shasta Part 1

“Cheers to a new adventure!”

We said this together, while sitting in a nice restaurant on the water on the pacific coast.


(Some of my photos have the green orb in them. Not in all sunsets or moon pictures, but some.)

Clinking our glasses together, we all knew one thing. We all knew that we knew nothing of what was to come.

This new investigation would be with very little upfront information and almost no expectations of what we might or might not find. Andrea and Tina had happily agreed to travel with me on this investigation even without knowing where to look, what to look for, or what to expect. We all knew one thing..that we knew nothing.

Getting up early the next morning and loading our suitcases in the rental car, we headed to Mount Shasta from San Francisco, a three and a half-hour drive.

Upon arrival, we dropped off our luggage at the little Inn we’d chosen for our two nights and headed to the main road up Mount Shasta. We admired the beautiful area, full of trees and little reminders of the impending autumn. Squirrels were constantly betting on their own life they could make it across the road in time.

“Do you feel anything?” Andrea asked me.

“No, not really…” I said sighing.

I have no idea what to look for. Each trip we receive less and less upfront information. Thankfully, we all trust our intuition and allow it to lead us where we need to go. 

It’s all about timing. We need to figure out what unmarked side roads to drive down at the approximate time nonphysical children and teens will be willing to speak with us. It’s almost like a precise formula that has some sort of equation of which I’m completely ignorant.

“Wait…that road feels interesting,” I said.

Andrea slowly turned down a road that quickly became a dirt road.

“I don’t know this is looking pretty narrow,” Andrea said.

“Yeah, let’s just go as far as we can and walk from there,” Tina and I said.

I had specifically worn my knee-high boots and jeans so I could walk through bushes, up hills, and not get scratched or slowed down by tricky footing. The boots and jeans came in handy many times on this trip.

As we were walking, all at different paces and looking around the general area, we would all sense energies, but it wasn’t consistent.

I see a child…wait the energy’s gone. 

A few minutes later I saw another person and he or she was gone in a flash. Then it happened again.

What is going on? I don’t understand.

“That tree looks interesting all bent over like that. The other trees are straight,” I said.


We noticed a nonphysical little girl hiding behind the bushes. We approached her softly and just listened.

“I don’t know how I died…” she finally offered.

She began showing me what was done to her at the hands of extraterrestrials. Then she showed me their hands on both sides of her head doing something to her head.

“They hurt me all over. My mom…where is my mom?”

The images and feelings she offered made it feel like the event occurred decades before. Information was offered that the girl’s mother was looking for her after she went missing.

“Help me go home…”

“Tami, do you see something over there?” Tina asked.

I looked where she was pointing and I could see two individuals, one older than the other.

“Yes, I do. Andrea maybe you can assist this girl to cross over and I’ll go over there?”

Walking towards the two people, it felt like an older teenager and a small child. They were standing next to each other. They indicated the extraterrestrials, the Greys, took them underground.

In the image they showed me, the kids’ heads were…(details in Silent Whispers)

“They froze…,” the older teenager said.

“Froze what?”

“Froze thoughts.”

How does that happen? I’m not clear on exactly what they mean.

In the next image, their bodies were covered in…(details in Silent Whispers).

In the same image, extraterrestrials were doing the work, but a human man was watching what they were doing.

What the Greys did eventually led to blindness.

“We have to go back now,” they said.

“What?! No! Why?”

“We have to go back.”

They’re being controlled, it’s almost like they’re robots.

“No! Believe in love! You don’t have to go back! Believe in love! I love you, believe in love!”

I said this over and over and over with every ounce of strength I could project.

They slowed down their walk and then stopped and just stood there with their backs to me.

A blue Being came to us. I had recent familiarity of this Being. She’s androgynous, but has a distinct feminine energy. When I first heard her speak to me some weeks before, she communicated in sound and tones, not a language of this world. I quickly was able to focus and hear her communicate in a language I could understand. I had been told that she and others like her would be assisting us on this trip.

“I will assist them. They can’t see me, but they can feel the energy…,” she said.

Oh good, I don’t know how to stop them from going back.

I knew the Being could and would assist and there was not more for me to do.

Walking back to Andrea, I asked her what she experienced with the girl.

“When you relayed what the girl was saying about what was done to her, my heart swelled and reached out to her.  As you continued, her voice seemed to fade and became muffled, and all I could focus on at that moment was connecting to the girl and wrapping her in beautiful bright energy. I told her, ‘It is ok, you are safe…it is ok, you are safe….it is ok, you are safe….’ I chanted in my head and in my heart to her – over and over.  I felt my hands cupping her face and stroking her cheeks, and then intuitively placed them on either side of her head just as you were saying that the ET’s had done this to her as well. I felt I could negate whatever terrible thing they did to her by replacing that energy with love and support and compassion. I explained to her, while holding her, that she could move on – she had the power to do so and she would be safe – that I was there, as long as she wanted me to be, to assist her. I can typically tell when one has moved on, but I always linger a bit longer just to be sure. I  smelled a floral/citrus/spicy scent that hadn’t been there before – I kept holding her until the scent was gone and I believed she had moved on too. Do you feel she crossed over?”

“Yes, it feels so.”

Later, we were informed that a man was standing off to the side of the bent-over tree. He was an angry man in his 50’s, perhaps. He stood there watching us and angry at what we were doing. He was a fully alive man projecting his mental body to to prevent the children from receiving our assistance.

After learning of this, I focused myself to be more in tune with energetic projections that were trying to interfere in our work.

As we continued walking, we noticed a nonphysical teenage girl. Since we were all walking at difference paces, sometimes Tina or Andrea pointed out energy and sometimes I saw it ahead.


“I have to hurry!” a teenage girl said.

What did they do to you?

Read more in Part II-coming soon!

The One We Missed in Los Alamos

“I was one of the ones you missed, so I followed you here,” he said.

“We missed you? I’m sorry…”

He showed me an image of us driving away and I briefly saw someone standing on the road, but I didn’t stop. I remembered this image.

“There is still control there.”

“Where we were?”


“What are they trying to do?”

“To surpass another,” he said.

I understood him to mean that the scientists’ intent was to create something better or stronger than another group of people.

“You’re intelligent…”

“They studied my mind. They wanted to know how I thought and processed information. I didn’t believe in life after death. I can’t believe I’m here. But then I was standing next to my body. They were resuscitating me.”

“Why were they needing to resuscitate you?”

“I took drugs.”

“How did you get those drugs.”

He didn’t answer.

“Can you tell me what they did to study your brain and mind?”

He showed me card counting.

“That was just one part of it. I studied patterns. Algorithms. I knew things and I could see subtleties that they missed. But I wasn’t a person to them, I was a brain, a computer.”

He showed me images of being intelligent from a very young age.

“I could see how psychics work, how their minds work.”

“You believed in psychics, but not life after death?”

He shook his head no.

“I could see how their mind was working. It made sense to me. Life after death doesn’t make sense to me. Well, it didn’t make sense.”

“How did you feel while seeing your body?”

“I felt very physical. Though, I couldn’t feel what they were doing to me with the CPR.”

“Were there other kids with you like you?”

“A few, there was a girl.”

He showed me a teen girl moving objects with her mind.


“Yes, I saw it and then I knew. I knew it was real.”

“What made you want to take your own life?”

“I was tired of being a rat. They would never let me go. They didn’t hurt me, but I had no life and I knew I never would.”

“Do you want to move into the light?”

“No, not yet. I will. There’s someone I need to find. Someone I care about.”

I acknowledged his response and he left.

His story was quite different from the others. It made sense though, that scientists would explore and study such a mind. I wondered why they needed to keep his experiments a secret since he said they didn’t hurt him. Why not just work with him in a different capacity and allow his freedom? Maybe the people doing this simply had absolutely no regards for human life. How is it possible for ones to have such darkness to their minds, such a closed heart?

Island Cemetery

(Other people in the blog post are to remain unidentified)

Three friends and I had spent the day on the Greek island, Hydra, enjoying conversations about healing, energy, non-physicals, and the current economic and political crisis in Greece. As we ate dinner in the later evening hours, our conversations continued as we enjoyed the view of the Mediterranean sea and the sky full of stars.

The person sitting next to me said, “I know where there’s a cemetery here. We should go see it.”

“See a cemetery after midnight? I haven’t done that.”

After some contemplation and planning, my, now, Adventure Partner and I gathered a flashlight and water and headed out toward the cemetery after midnight, while still benefiting from the partial full moon.

We walked and walked, much of it uphill. Feeling thankful I had sprayed myself with organic insect repellent, I could focus on walking in the near dark without tripping instead of batting at mosquitoes. We chatted about what we might experience and I mentioned that it’s typically not a major ‘bang on the head’ type of experience. Rather it’s an experience you enjoy and then later reflect on as, ‘Wow! That was interesting!’

I wasn’t expecting to be spooked, but I did feel there would be non-physicals there. Having said that, there’s no way I would have gone by myself in the dark, even if I did know the way.

Sometimes we (or I) think that non-physicals who are at a cemetery are the ones buried there, but that wasn’t what we found-or at least not just what we found.

“We’re coming up to it. Greek cemeteries are different from American ones. Greek ones have a picture of the deceased and there is a box on top of the ground,” My Adventure Partner said.

Looking up over a hill I could see part of the cemetery…it did give off a vibe of some activity.

Slowly we walked through the gate and toward the grave plots.

“What are you doing here?! Leave!” a male said.

I repeated what I was seeing and hearing to my Partner.

“There,” I said while pointing, “a woman is grieving over a grave. She’s saying her husband is buried there.”

We walked over to the plot and looked at the picture and read the person’s name.

“This was a woman, not a man, and she died not too long ago. The deceased woman seemed from an older time. Do you think there are older bones underneath newer bones? This is a small cemetery with a lot of history and dead people.”

My Partner didn’t know for sure if there were older bones underneath that didn’t get transferred, but in my mind that seemed like a strong possibility.

One of the plots we came to did not have a picture. It seemed to be the only one without a picture.

Given the number of plots, there were only a handful of non-physicals present or making their presence known to us.

We walked around looking at various plots, the date of death and I noticed that there were many that seemed rather recent-within the last five years. So…where were the older ones? There were some, but not many that we saw.

I saw a spider run quickly across one plot, underneath the moon light. It was a very large spider and I jumped back, mentioning its presence to my Partner.

“You mean like this one?”

My Partner shined the flashlight on another one that was running quickly away.

“Ugh! Yes.”


(not a picture of the actual spider, but one similar I saw the day before)

Walking around some more, I sensed something different.

“Hmmm…there’s a child here. He doesn’t seem to belong here. He’s standing by the tree and he seems scared.”

The child communicated that he was not in control of where he was or what he was doing. He wasn’t there long and we moved on.

“You don’t belong here!” another male said. I ignored him, like the previous one.

“Follow me,” a different male said.

“He said follow him,” I repeated and we took the same path in between the plots.

He was an older man and sat on a grave. He said it was his wife’s grave. He did not seem to be mourning, he seemed to be smiling. Maybe it gave him some peace somehow. He had a gentle energy to him.

After a few more minutes, we headed back. But we didn’t head back alone. Later, three young men made their presence known and almost all night I heard energy running back and forth, back and forth.

Our other two friends eagerly waited to hear what we saw and experienced.

The next night at dinner, we took some pictures of each other. My Adventure Partner and I had energy floating in front of us, but not our other two friends.

Who was it? What was it? Maybe we’ll learn that later…

Dulce and Los Alamos Part II

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I have a new page on my blog, Dulce and Los Alamos, New Mexico! Check it out for Part I of our adventure through a haunted area.

The Child’s Mother



That next weekend, in the early morning hours on the first Sunday in spring, I woke up and felt a deceased woman roaming the house. Who was this? What did she want? I tossed and turned as I felt the woman continuing to roam the house.

It’s her. The mother of the little girl who was taken by the Gestapo.

I felt her presence closer as I acknowledged this information and I recognized who she was.

I promise first thing later when I wake up, I’ll listen. I promise.

I fell back asleep and at 6am, I quickly grabbed a cup of coffee and headed to my desk and computer.

“They made me give her away. I didn’t want to. They said it would be safer for everyone. I became a worker to hide myself too. I wanted to keep a low profile,” she spoke immediately.

“Then what happened?”

“I was found in three years. I was ashamed of what I did.”

“You were ashamed of giving away your daughter?”

“They told me she would be alright. That she would be safe.”

“But you died before she was found?”

“No, I didn’t…I was found. By the Czech police.”

“Then what happened?”

“They burned me.”


“I lost track of time, but I heard about my daughter.”

She showed me an image of being passed a note while she was in what appeared to be a concentration camp.

“So this is why you need to find your daughter?”

“Yes, I need to know she survived.”

“What do you mean survived?”

“That they didn’t take her with them. The Nazis.”

“I’m confused. Again.”

“I heard stories where they took their spirits.”

The Speaker walked in with the little girl right then.


“How would she know it’s her mother?” I asked the Speaker.


“Thank you…” the mother said.

She held her daughter tight and began to carry her out. They did not hold hands; they held each other so tight as to never let go.

“Go in peace,” the Speaker said to the mother.

Both the little girl and mother walked into a light and moved on.

The Speaker started giving me information.

“You need to have a clear mind and be prepared for what’s coming.”

“When? So I can prepare.”

“Prepare now and they shall arrive.”

I remembered what I’d been told by a wise teacher some years ago: “Preparation is a state of mind.”

Reflecting on the previous information from Monika and then later her mother, I wanted to make the connections. Monika said she was Polish and Jewish. It sounded like the mother said the Czech police found her.

History shows many Jews fled to Czechoslovakia and Germany later invaded. Though the country resisted Hitler’s invasion, there were probably police siding with the Nazis or forced to side with them.

I searched online for any references to any Jewish folk stories around spirits being taken by dark-minded people. I couldn’t find anything at all. So I emailed a person I knew who was Jewish and her reply made sense to me.

My mom heard of stories in the Orthodox tradition, that when someone dies, there are different Rabbis that sit over the body for 24 hours to make sure that no negative entities enter the body to take their soul.  Otherwise, it is taught that negative entities can interfere with the soul going into the Light.

Onward and Forward!

They Took Us…

A few days later, I knew I needed to listen to some children’s stories. After spending hours in the sunshine and warm temperatures that are so rare in March in Colorado, I finally settled down to listen.

“They took us,” I heard a deceased child say.

Immediately this child showed me images of being removed from a mother’s arms. The child being removed was an infant. The infant was swaddled in a blanket and this confused me.

“We were taken to hide from the Nazis. We are Jewish and Polish.”

The child, whom I now determined was a girl, was indicating that her mother gave her away in order to save her life.

Five years later, the little girl was taken by the Gestapo. In the images she kept presenting to me, she was moved around from place to place and it appeared from person to person.

“Here, you can use her,” an adult said about the girl.

She was given to scientists for testing.

The little girl showed me her fear at that time and she was held in a solitary room. The room appeared to be clean and sanitary.

One or two adults came into the room to take her to another location; I assumed in the same building. She was screaming and full of fear as they pulled her out of the room to a laboratory. They appeared to have her strapped down and seemed to be checking her eyes, mouth, and other parts of her body. Perhaps this was their definition of a physical exam?

“She’ll do,” one adult said.

Though they must have been speaking in German, it was being presented to me in English as she was conveying her story. She told me her name was Monika.

She showed me being kept inside a dark room and alone. She was fed some food, but she seemed to be in a solitary confinement the whole time.

“They wouldn’t let me see anybody. I would cry for my Momma, but no one came.”

“What did they want from you?”

“They just kept poking at me and hurting me.”

She showed me being poked with needles and strapped down to a table again.

The Speaker was here too and she said, “They removed her blood for testing. They would inject…(details in Silent Whisper) She died a short time later. She never knew her mother, not consciously. The mother is seeking her. The mother remains lost until her daughter is found. You must bring them together.”

“The biological mother?”


“How do I get to the mother?”

“She will come. You must connect them.” She continued, “I will help her until then.”

“Was this in Rzeszow?”

“A different location.”

I knew the mother would come around and maybe soon. I would need to be prepared for her.

I remembered that the girl said ‘we’ and not ‘I’. Who was she talking about?

“They were separated. She knows not what happened to the other. They were both hidden after their birth,” the Speaker said.

I knew the girl was safe with the Speaker and I would be ready for the mother.