Roswell, New Mexico

January 2017 marks the second anniversary we began our investigative trips, beginning in Montauk, New York. When Tina, Andrea, and I embarked on our first adventure, we had no idea it would eventually involve seeing the torture and harm some extraterrestrials have been doing to people. Our work involves assisting children who have been experimented upon and tortured to their death.

Our latest trip involved helping children who were still caught in their pain of being harmed by ETs while in the physical and then still held captive in their pain while in the nonphysical.

We were led to Roswell, New Mexico. This was a location in which I did not have particular interest. Whenever I think of Roswell, I think conspiracy theories, hoax, and sensationalism. Did the events of Roswell even occur? Are the stories valid? And if it did happen, is it relevant to our investigations?

Previous to our investigations, I was not particularly interested in extraterrestrials. For me, they were neither here nor there. I knew they existed but they didn’t bother me. I had not yet seen ETs and have not seen UFOs as some have.

My interest was more in the realm of what people are doing to other people. What we have come to understand is that people are involved with helping ETs continue their own experiments and torture.

As always, we never really know what we will run into on our trips. What we do know is that we work together and our friendship solidifies our foundation of searching, helping, and exposing.

We made the necessary arrangements and rented a house with an alarm system. On a previous trip to Albuquerque, we had a physical intruder twice.

This latest trip to Roswell was no exception in seeing the link between government and extraterrestrials. The adventure began the first evening before we had even made contact with any children.

“Tami, do you see something there?” Tina asked.

I turned to the spot at which she was pointing.

“Yes…it’s a man. An angry man. A mental body projection, not a deceased person. He’s military or government.”

“Go away, you’re not wanted here,” he said.

“Wait, I want to record this on my phone. I’m writing a book,” I said.

I grabbed my phone to start recording and he became angrier.

“Do you think this is a joke?”

“No, no I don’t. What do you want us to know?” I said, while shrugging.

“You need to leave and you need to stop this nonsense. You’re not actually helping anyone. You realize that? You won’t find anyone, there’s no one here,” he said.

“If there’s no one here, then why are you here?”

Tina started laughing.

“Quit changing words, this is not a place for you to be. This is a warning.”

“We’re not leaving.”

“I warned you.”

He left the room and house.

“Why is he warning us?” asked Andrea.

“They like to intimidate. They’ve tried this before and they’ve broken into our space before. It still hasn’t worked and this won’t work. We will find children who are hurting and want to move on.”


More coming soon


Mount Blanca-Moon

When taking pics of the moon (almost full) on Saturday night, it kept displaying it with a vertical line through it. Then taking it again, it displayed a six point star through it. There’s also a green orb that has been showing up in my moon (only) pics for two years now. This one seems to have a tail when viewing closely (in the vertical moon pic). My phone camera was the only one distorting the moon.


Haunted Hotel


Walking into the hotel, I didn’t notice much. I was looking forward to unloading my car for the one-night stay and heading to the restaurant for a nice dinner.

After unloading my belongings into my room, I began to notice several deceased people in my room and in the hallway. Some were obvious and some were a spark of light as I walked the hallway. I began to wonder how well I would sleep. I knew they couldn’t and probably would not want to hurt me, but still…kind of creepy.

After a very nice crab cake appetizer, curry chicken soup (to die for-no pun intended), and a green salad, I was ready to head back to my room. I had previously promised my nonphysical roommates I would listen to their stories after dinner.

In a timely and convenient (always a nice surprise) manner, I noticed an entity seemingly ready to speak.

“I’m all alone,” she said.

“How are old are you?” I asked.


“Why are you here?”

“I don’t know. I just end up here, over and over and over.”

“What do you mean, you try to leave?”

“Yes. I walk around and around trying to find a way out.”

“But you don’t know how you got here?”

“No, don’t you understand?!”

“You know there are many others here like you, right?”

She seemed confused by that.

“They’re walking around, like you.”

She doesn’t see them.

“What is the last thing you remember?”

I noticed the curtains behind her. The plastic long rod that pulls the curtains closed kept swaying back and forth, back and forth. I had been over there previously and had not felt a breeze nor was it windy outside.


“Fishing? Who were you fishing with?”


“What do you remember next?”

“It got dark really fast.”

“Then what?”

“We started running for the tent, we were going to camp.”

“Then what?”

“I don’t remember, everything went black.”

“Where were you fishing?”

“At a lake.”

I had been having many extraterrestrial experiences lately, so my natural thought process was in the direction of extraterrestrials.

“Do you remember seeing a light or hearing a humming noise?”


Well, either she wasn’t abducted or she doesn’t remember being abducted.

“Did you know you have guides?”


“Guides…who can help you?”

In that moment, the higher Beings came in, four of them advising me to help her move on. I knew she couldn’t see them.

“Do you see a light?”

“No…I don’t know.”

“You can move into it and out of here.”

“I don’t trust it…”

“Call it heaven or another universe or something else… but it carries peace.”

I gave her time to cross over and she did.

The curtain rod stopped moving.

A couple more came in and then left. A male in particular. We’ll see if they return…hopefully before my bedtime!



The benefit of being a medium is knowing when to ask your grandson, who has the ability to see and hear ghosts, how many ghosts are in his mother’s new apartment.

“Five,” he said.

Onward I go to the apartment to see three there and command they leave. It amazes me how easily they are drawn to my grandson.

But wait…they’re drawn to me too…

Island Cemetery

(Other people in the blog post are to remain unidentified)

Three friends and I had spent the day on the Greek island, Hydra, enjoying conversations about healing, energy, non-physicals, and the current economic and political crisis in Greece. As we ate dinner in the later evening hours, our conversations continued as we enjoyed the view of the Mediterranean sea and the sky full of stars.

The person sitting next to me said, “I know where there’s a cemetery here. We should go see it.”

“See a cemetery after midnight? I haven’t done that.”

After some contemplation and planning, my, now, Adventure Partner and I gathered a flashlight and water and headed out toward the cemetery after midnight, while still benefiting from the partial full moon.

We walked and walked, much of it uphill. Feeling thankful I had sprayed myself with organic insect repellent, I could focus on walking in the near dark without tripping instead of batting at mosquitoes. We chatted about what we might experience and I mentioned that it’s typically not a major ‘bang on the head’ type of experience. Rather it’s an experience you enjoy and then later reflect on as, ‘Wow! That was interesting!’

I wasn’t expecting to be spooked, but I did feel there would be non-physicals there. Having said that, there’s no way I would have gone by myself in the dark, even if I did know the way.

Sometimes we (or I) think that non-physicals who are at a cemetery are the ones buried there, but that wasn’t what we found-or at least not just what we found.

“We’re coming up to it. Greek cemeteries are different from American ones. Greek ones have a picture of the deceased and there is a box on top of the ground,” My Adventure Partner said.

Looking up over a hill I could see part of the cemetery…it did give off a vibe of some activity.

Slowly we walked through the gate and toward the grave plots.

“What are you doing here?! Leave!” a male said.

I repeated what I was seeing and hearing to my Partner.

“There,” I said while pointing, “a woman is grieving over a grave. She’s saying her husband is buried there.”

We walked over to the plot and looked at the picture and read the person’s name.

“This was a woman, not a man, and she died not too long ago. The deceased woman seemed from an older time. Do you think there are older bones underneath newer bones? This is a small cemetery with a lot of history and dead people.”

My Partner didn’t know for sure if there were older bones underneath that didn’t get transferred, but in my mind that seemed like a strong possibility.

One of the plots we came to did not have a picture. It seemed to be the only one without a picture.

Given the number of plots, there were only a handful of non-physicals present or making their presence known to us.

We walked around looking at various plots, the date of death and I noticed that there were many that seemed rather recent-within the last five years. So…where were the older ones? There were some, but not many that we saw.

I saw a spider run quickly across one plot, underneath the moon light. It was a very large spider and I jumped back, mentioning its presence to my Partner.

“You mean like this one?”

My Partner shined the flashlight on another one that was running quickly away.

“Ugh! Yes.”


(not a picture of the actual spider, but one similar I saw the day before)

Walking around some more, I sensed something different.

“Hmmm…there’s a child here. He doesn’t seem to belong here. He’s standing by the tree and he seems scared.”

The child communicated that he was not in control of where he was or what he was doing. He wasn’t there long and we moved on.

“You don’t belong here!” another male said. I ignored him, like the previous one.

“Follow me,” a different male said.

“He said follow him,” I repeated and we took the same path in between the plots.

He was an older man and sat on a grave. He said it was his wife’s grave. He did not seem to be mourning, he seemed to be smiling. Maybe it gave him some peace somehow. He had a gentle energy to him.

After a few more minutes, we headed back. But we didn’t head back alone. Later, three young men made their presence known and almost all night I heard energy running back and forth, back and forth.

Our other two friends eagerly waited to hear what we saw and experienced.

The next night at dinner, we took some pictures of each other. My Adventure Partner and I had energy floating in front of us, but not our other two friends.

Who was it? What was it? Maybe we’ll learn that later…

New Page on My Blog!

Hey everyone!

I have a new page on my blog, Dulce and Los Alamos, New Mexico! Check it out for Part I of our adventure through a haunted area.

What One Thinks…

‘What one thinks is crazy, another knows is true.’ This thought came to me a little while back as I was writing the stories from the deceased children coming to me. It all sounds crazy, but I know they’re not lying and it’s information I could never make up in my worst nightmares.

Even if you do not see nonphysicals (they’re everywhere), if you can sense them, then acknowledge them. Even if you don’t hear their words, tell them they deserve love. Some may not want to hear that, some may reject it, but some may feel it’s safe enough to cross over.

Deceased Children Can Still Feel

Two deceased children came into the living room where I was sitting. I could feel that it was a little boy and an older girl, but they weren’t standing next to each other.

“He hit me,” the girl said.


“We wouldn’t listen or do what he said.”

In my mind I was wondering what kind of experiments they had to endure.

She continued, “We weren’t told what the experiments were. Just that we had to hide.”

“Hide? Like from the boogey-man?”

“Yes, so we wouldn’t leave.”

She nods at the little boy, still standing off and away, and said, “They hurt him worse. They would close his mouth so he couldn’t speak and sometimes they would close his eyes.”

“How old are you?”

“I’m eight,” she said while standing straighter and wanting to seem older for her age.

“I wasn’t always around him, sometimes he would run.”

“I’m so sorry they hurt you…”

She showed me an image of her head being shaved. It appeared her hair was blond.

“Is there something you want me to do?” I asked

“Make him not so afraid…”

While she didn’t know exactly what they were experimenting for, she showed me…