Montauk and Camp Hero

Tina, Andrea, and I begin our ghost adventure with a celebratory meal at a very nice Italian restaurant. We have no idea what’s in store for us on our trip.

restaurant pouringwineThe next morning, we make our way through snow and ice and set out on the highway. We are headed to Montauk, New York to investigate Camp Hero, an abandoned Air Force station.

snowydayAfter checking into our room at the reportedly haunted Montauk Manor, we make our way to Camp Hero, only a five and a half-mile drive from the Manor. (We did not see activity in the Manor other than a few ghosts who followed us back the second night).

We quickly take note of the Radar Tower sign pointing us in the right direction. Upon seeing the top of tower, all of us are feeling something ominous in our stomachs. We know this will be a location of intrigue.

signradartowerMaking our way around the roads, I see some sort of structure sticking up over the trees and feel like we need to stop the car, walk over to the structure and see what’s there.

Immediately, I’m drawn to the large white rectangle shaped cement wall (a bunker). There’s a sign that gives the history of this area. But what fascinates and confuses me at the same time are the nonphysical people who seem like young adults. What’s confusing is what they’re trying to say. They sound crazy. I don’t understand and I question what I’m hearing because I cannot make sense of it. As we keep walking, I can no longer hear them. We decide to see Radar Tower and make our way back in the direction of the bunker. As we near it, I hear them again, still making no sense. One male appears to be mentally and emotionally tortured. I promise to return later.

bunkerexperienceWalking down the road, we feel presence of nonphysicals with us. I keep seeing a purple colored energy to our right (which is the tree/bush area) as we walk the road. I take a picture and send it off to someone who can see energy in pictures. At this point, after the crazy talk, I want a second opinion. His response to the pictures is very fast: “It looks like teenagers, a little crazy too.” Well, now I know I was hearing crazy. And now I know they’re teenagers, not adults. I’m not sure what to do with that.

photoWe walk to the Radar Tower and none of us feel anything in particular. The entire area is a bit creepy, but nothing that stands out at the Tower. We joke about climbing over the fence, but we know none of us will actually do it.

radartower Later, back at the Manor, we are guided with some information. One of my nonphysical friends joins us on this adventure and he tells us that we will see children the next day. We are to help them cross over, but not all of them.

“Some do not want to and some feel they cannot.”

montaukmanorThe next morning, we excitedly arrive back at Camp Hero ready to see and experience whatever is there. I want to see the same first bunker location. I want to see and speak with the teenagers.

Before I even walk around the trees to see the same wall, I know something is wrong. Something is not the same as yesterday. I hurry my steps to the wall and I instantly know that the teens are not there. What is in their place are four nonphysical guards.

I place my hand on the wall and hear, “Help us!” but I don’t seem to be able to communicate with them. I also sense three small children huddled together. They are not screaming. The guards are telling me I cannot help them, nor access them. I had not anticipated encountering nonphysical guards.

“Go away, you won’t get them.”

I sense the teen girl seeing a light, possibly a light to cross over. But the light goes away and she seems to fall and disappear.

“I told you that you wouldn’t get them,” one of the guards says.

I don’t know what to make of this. I can no longer hear any of them and the guards leave as well.

bunkerexperienceWe walk back to the Radar Tower and see an opening in the building. Due to the fence, we cannot access it, but I was able to take a picture. I sense two girls and a boy. Maybe young teenagers.

“We’re not dead,” they tell me from where they’re at in the opening. So, either they’re not dead (out of body) or they don’t know they’re dead.

opendoorradarWe continue walking to a different building away from the Radar Tower and there is a door that will open in the abandoned building. It opens slightly with the chain tied across the door. The chain is just loose enough to peek inside the very creepy building and take a few pictures.

“Hello!” I yell inside.

“Go away!” a nonphysical voice says.

Why would anyone (dead or not) want to stay in that dilapidated building?


(two different buildings)

We continue exploring and find some more bunkers. There is a nonphysical teenage girl who brings us three children-maybe six or seven years old. They appear to be two girls and one boy. She’s bringing them forward so they can escape the structure and cross over. We attempt to help them feel less scared, but they are beyond frightened. I see an adult female entity arrive to assist in helping them cross over. This helps them feel safer with her compassionate energy. But the teen girl refuses to cross over. She says she has to go back. She does not say why….

outsideofbunkerLater at another location, two teen boys tell us of the torture and experimentation they endured. (The details of the human experiments will be revealed in an upcoming book)

In our walking and hiking, we arrive to a teenage girl. She shares information with us and agrees to cross over. Before she crosses over, she asks us to share the information we learned. So people know.

Later, my nonphysical friend tells us that the children were emotionally touched, specifically by Andrea’s kindness.

The next day, we return for one last visit before returning back to Huntington. We first arrive at the Radar Tower. This time it’s different. This time I’m being shown multiple images of activity there some time ago. There are many vehicles and men seemingly in a hurry to put supplies inside the building. I would think they’d be removing supplies, but it appeared that they were taking them in. They’re yelling orders at each other and appear in a hurry, but not frantic.


We want to take a trail through the woods to see if it could lead to a different side of the tower. At one point Tina is navigating the ditch that she needs to get over and join us. She tells us to go on ahead of her and when I look to see where we’re headed, I see a nonphysical teen boy waving at us to come with him. We begin to, but when I see that the trail takes us back to the original bunker from two days before, we decide to go back for Tina. The teenage boy is confused and wants us to continue with him, but I tell him we need to go back for Tina and that we’d meet him at the bunker. He takes off to the bunker and says he’ll tell the others we’re coming.

Tina joins us and we make our way back to the bunker. There are three teenagers there. One male seems incoherent, one female seems to be protecting him, and one male is apparently blind. I don’t know where the teenager who led us here went off to.

The one who is blind is angry. He’s saying it was the testing they did on him. He’s indicating it blinded him or burned him. I’m not sure if he was blind to begin with or a result of the testing. But I do know he was burned.

I ask him if he can sense the light, perhaps feel it.

“So I can get burned again? No!”

Before he leaves to go back in the structure, he says, “They turned her submissive.” He’s indicating the teenage girl who is still holding and protecting the other teen boy.

The quiet teen boy says to Tina, “What is that?”

He’s referring to the walking stick she’s using.

“I use it to help keep me upright,” says Tina.

“Are you going to hit me with it?”

“That wasn’t my intent.”

He seems content with her answer, though very scared and wary of us.



It’s obvious none of them want to cross over and the blind teen boy had already left after calling the girl submissive. Why do they keep going back in there? I’m later told, it’s their reality. The reality they hold on to. We say our goodbyes and decide we are done trekking all over Camp Hero. I know we will likely keep running in circles helping one or two, but for the majority seem to choose to remain there. It is time to move on and discuss our next adventure in the spring. Another place that is haunted.

But before we take our journey back to Huntington, we stop at the cafe near the lighthouse. As Andrea and I sit down on the couch next to the large wood-burning fireplace and Tina walks out to look at the amazing ocean view, we begin chatting with the guy next to us eating his hamburger. I’ll admit, I’m drooling a bit at his burger.

“So what brings you all the way out here?” he asked after we introduced ourselves.

“We wanted to see Camp Hero,” Andrea replies.

“Ahhh….yes. I actually work there in Parks and Maintenance. I’ve heard the mysteries surrounding Camp Hero and I don’t know what’s real and what’s not real. I’ve been there twelve years and I haven’t really seen much, but…I had one experience there I’ll never forget…”

Onward and Forward!

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Written by Tami Urbanek, medium/clairvoyant/author

  1. If you want to know more about these teens read Preston Nichols’ books. One is entitles “Pyramids of Montauk”. Teenage boys were routinely picked up off of New York City streets and taken there for experimenting, I think especially with mind control and thought projection. They would be reported missing by ones who knew them but their cases were never solved. Perhaps you could help solve them! I’m sure the families would like to know what happened to them.

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