Dulce and Los Alamos

My hands were gripping the steering wheel white-knuckle tight. The deep mud wanted to pull my car to the left and I was holding the steering wheel more to the right. I could feel my heart rate increasing and my breathing was shallow. My eyes were focused on the muddy road in front of the car and I noticed it was getting deeper and wetter. I shifted to manual just like I do in a bad snow storm.

We are going to get stuck on this lonely road! Do I keep going and hope I can turn around or just stop and hope I can go in reverse?

After driving over the ditch and mud puddle, the mud was getting even worse and it couldn’t possibly get better the farther I would drive through the wooded and shaded area.

It’s too narrow to turn around. If I try to turn around I will most definitely get stuck. Why did I start driving this road?

I could feel the tires slipping and the mud wanting to control my direction: direction where trees were standing and the front end could hit. Cell coverage was questionable and walking could mean miles to get help.

“Just go in reverse,” Tina said.

“Yeah….” I replied under my breath, knowing this was the only sensible option.

Cursing the mud and sending loving thoughts to my car, I came to a stop and shifted in reverse and kept going until I hit pavement.

This, folks, was the beginning of our trip to Dulce, New Mexico before heading to Los Alamos.

After leaving that area, we drove in a different direction and found a road that led us to another muddy road. I was apprehensive in driving down this one after the last experience and pulled over and stopped. We saw a picnic table and planned to walk around where there was more space. I had heard stories of people being pulled over and detained on the dirt roads in this area, so I became concerned when I looked in my rearview mirror.

Within seconds of turning off the engine, a pick-up truck pulled up behind me. It looked similar to a police vehicle. After pulling up behind me, his roof lights flashed blue and red.

“Really?” I said.

A uniformed man walked over to my side and I lowered the window.

“Were you headed down this dirt road?”

“Umm..no, we just thought we’d walk over to that picnic table near the creek.”

Looking over in the direction I was pointing, he continued, “It’s real muddy down the dirt road, I just wanted to make sure you weren’t headed down there.”

“No, we can see it’s pretty muddy.”

“A lot of mud. It would be dangerous to drive that road. Just wanted to make sure you weren’t headed down that way.”

“No…we aren’t.”

“I’m with the Fishing and Game Warden. I just stopped because I was concerned.”

“Ok, well thanks…”

How many times does he have to say it’s muddy and not to drive that road?

He climbed back into his truck and headed down the very road that was ‘dangerous’.

dirt road

We walked around the area and none of us felt anything in particular near the creek. As I sat on the rock looking in the opposite direction, I saw a bird that continued to circle above a plateau. It made me wonder if we needed to explore in that area.

photo 2

After acknowledging this, Andrea joined me and also pointed out the bird. We walked over there and began climbing the rocky hill. I sat down to feel the energy of the area and it began.

A nonphysical Native American teenage girl was there, looking at me like I was an alien in her area. She just observed me and she did not seem to carry any trauma energy. She left, but seemingly suspicious of me.

I walked over more to the right, where it was in the shade and I heard, “Help me!” It was in multiple voices.

“Don’t leave!”

“I can help you,” I said.

“They won’t let us!”

These nonphysical kids began showing me images of what had been done to them (details in Silent Whispers). The torture they experienced at the hands of ‘scientists’.

In one image a teenager was obviously blind and walked with a guiding cane.

“You’re dead, you can leave…”

I offered my hand to one teen girl and she almost began to take it. But instantly, she pushed me away and disappeared. Was she responding to programming or was she thinking she was protecting me? Nothing more was presented at all.

As I started walking away, I saw a Native American teenage boy who also seemed suspicious of me. Maybe the other girl’s brother? He didn’t seem interested in communicating so we left.

Later that evening, after checking into the one local hotel, we again drove to the same spot.

Walking around the car to get some water, a truck pulled up next to us.

I stood there looking at the passenger window that was too dark to see anything but my reflection.

I wondered what they wanted…

After lowering the window, I saw there were three people in the front.

“Are you going to drive down that dirt road?” she asked, while nodding in the direction of the road.


“Because it’s really muddy, you don’t want to drive down that road.”

“Yes, it looks muddy.”

“We were concerned.”


She raised the window and they drove down the dirt road.

Shaking my head, I didn’t know if we were being warned of mud or something else.

We continued to explore the same area. No teenagers were there anymore, aside from one standing on the same plateau waving at us. There were flashes of colored energy around the same area too, but no more straight communication. We made our way back to the hotel and for some dinner.


The next morning, Tina told us she had heard a message for us to explore a park in the Los Alamos area. I hadn’t thought of a park, but Andrea and I did have a feeling we needed to get as near the National Laboratory as possible.

Searching online, I found several parks listed in Los Alamos. Only one stuck out as significant. Camp May near the National Laboratory.

After the two and half hour drive, we finally made it to Los Alamos and finally found Camp May after driving through the security gates of the National Laboratory property.

Exploring the area, I felt a significant spot in a very wooded area.

We walked around, climbed some more rocky hills and there I saw a child. He had curly sandy blonde hair. He looked to be age five.

He was holding his stomach in pain. He showed me an image of being ‘worked on’. The one working, on the boy, wasn’t human…and this little boy did not appear to speak English.

Very soon, a teenage girl joined him, holding his hand.

“She won’t hurt you,” she said to the boy. “They hurt him bad. His mom too.”

She showed me that they were abducted together and then separated. The mother was screaming in fear, but more so for her son.

“They won’t let us…they took our mind.”

I just kept listening without trying to make sense of everything.

The little boy moved toward Andrea, he felt safe with her and he began crying.

“Andrea, I think you need to assist him and I’ll speak with the girl.”

Andrea nodded and stayed there while I walked just a bit away and approached the girl who hadn’t moved after the boy walked toward Andrea.

She told me she was 14 years old.

“They hurt me…they told us we could find you here.”

“Who told you?”

“Two men.”

I nodded to the area behind her.

“Where does this lead to?”

Camp May

“Lab. Underground. You hear people screaming, but they say you can’t leave.”

She shared with me what they did to her and what they took from her. (Details in Silent Whispers)

We talked about the possibility of her leaving and that she had the right to leave and move into the light.

At that moment, the Speaker showed up and quietly walked over to us. As she indicated to the girl it was time to move on, the Speaker turned her face to me for the first time.

Oh My God.


Part II coming soon!

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