Dulce and Los Alamos Part II

Oh My God. She’s me! I’m her! What? I don’t understand.

She smiled a compassionate smile. Her face looked to be about 30 or 40 years older than my current age of 41.

“Andrea…the Speaker…she’s me!”


“She’s me! She looks just like me, but older!”

I didn’t know what to make of this. How could this be? I always thought she was someone else. But she’s clearly me.

“You didn’t know this?”

While I was still trying to wrap my head around this new information, I also wanted to know Andrea was doing in helping the little boy.

“How is it going with helping the little boy?”

“Through my tears I reached my heart out to the boy where I felt he was standing. I visualized encircling him in my arms and holding him. What I said, with my heart, was along the lines of: ‘I am so very sorry you are hurting and I am so sad this happened to you.  You are beautiful and healthy and wonderful and you can move on from this.  You have the power to do so.  You can trust me as I will never hurt you. I am here to assist you and I love you so very much.  It’s ok, it’s safe, you can move on…’ I said this over and over until I felt he had gone.”

“Wow! I know he heard you.”

A short time later, I felt two more teens arrive. They were boys and appeared to be twins. They stood side by side.

“We were taken,” they said.

They showed me images of being physically restrained, but they fought the restraints. The restraints won.

“We were going to run away and we made plans. They separated us.”

In one image, one of the boy’s mouth was (details in Silent Whispers).

One boy’s (details in Silent Whispers).

The other boy showed me that his head was shaved and they (details in Silent Whispers)

“What do you see or feel, Andrea?”

“Is there someone over there?”

Andrea pointed to a log off to the right by a few feet and I looked in that direction.

“Yes, there’s a teen girl there.”

The teen boys remained, but did not share anymore.

“I don’t know how to stop the pain. I keep seeing it over and over,” she said.

I repeated this to Andrea and that the girl kept her hand over her mouth.

Franek arrived and was apparently amused at my new discovery about the Speaker, a discovery I was still trying to comprehend.

“Have Andrea help this one cross over,” he said.

“Andrea, Franek said for you to help her cross over.”

She nodded and began silently communicating with the teen girl.

As I watched, I paid more attention to how the girl was responding.

She appeared to be listening to whatever Andrea was telling her. She moved her hand away from her mouth and to the side of her face.

“She seems to be listening to you,” I said.

“Is her hand gone away from her mouth?”

“Yes, it’s on the side of her face.”

“Good. I asked her to move her hand away from her mouth.”

Andrea continued communicating and the girl continued to listen.

She began looking healthier in her face and body posture.

“Thank you,” she said to Andrea, which I repeated.

“I think we’re done here for now,” I said.

“Look, a butterfly landed where the boys were standing. Did they leave?” Andrea asked.

“Yes, they left.”

“Did they cross over?”

“I don’t know for sure. But the Speaker was here, so she’s probably helping them.”

Another butterfly came around too. Then a hummingbird followed by another hummingbird.

“That’s interesting. There’s nothing here that I would think would attract a


We made our way back to the car and I told Tina about the Speaker, still a little

unnerved about it.

“That makes sense,” Tina said.

Apparently, I’m the only one surprised.

That night we ate at a wonderful restaurant with delicious food. We had walked to the restaurant, but decided to take a taxi back to our suite.

“Can you take us to a convenience store first?” I asked the driver as I got in the front

passenger seat.


This made our drive back to the suite a tad longer and I spontaneously asked him

a question.

“So, the National Laboratory has really built up, hasn’t it?”

He appeared surprised and said, “You mean the one in Los Alamos?”

             Wait…we’re in Santa Fe, why did I ask him that?

“Err…yes, that one.”

“Actually, I used to work there.”

“Really? What was that like?”

“My job, along with some other guys, was to clean up radiation. We had no protective gear. Over time, I saw my buddies getting sicker and sicker. Most with nose bleeds, some developed cancer.”

“Hmmm…” I looked over at Andrea and Tina.

“Yeah…I eventually decided it wasn’t worth it. To see my friends get cancer. So I


“Did you ever hear of human experiments there?”

He chuckled.

“I think WE were part of their experiments.”

What an opportunity to have a cab driver as an ex-employee of the Lab.

The next day, we wanted to visit the houses on Bathtub Row. During the Manhattan Project era, the scientists lived in the homes, which are now part of a museum.

“I doubt the scientists would bring any kids back to their homes…”

As I said this I had some doubt around that statement.

“Yeah…no they wouldn’t do that,” Andrea said.

The three of us walked around the property. The inside was closed to the public that day, so we just wandered around.

As I came to the Fuller House, I started hearing crazy voices and what seemed like screaming. It sounded like it came from the basement, which had windows.

“That’s odd,” I said under my breath.

As we walked away to another house, the sound started dissipating. Walking around for a few more minutes in the cool air, I went back to the Fuller House.

“It’s gone…I don’t hear it anymore,” I said to no one in particular.

We decided to head back to Camp May and perhaps find a different spot to search.

Pulling in front of a gate that said ‘no parking’ and ‘closed’ we walked around the area before deciding we’d get around the gate and walk the trail on the other side.

Tina was having a hard time navigating getting around the gate and she decided to stay by the car.

We walked for just a few minutes and I noticed some teens ahead of us. One was waving at us to come closer.

“Come this way,” he said.

I told Andrea what I was seeing and we continued walking in their direction.

“Come with us!”

“No…we’re fine here, I don’t know where you’re taking us…”

I looked behind me and saw Tina had made her way around the gate.

“We hide,” one teen said.

There was also a little girl there who wanted us to take her to her father and that her mother had already passed away.

I saw a teen girl as well.

“Speak with us?” I asked her.

“No…they hear me. They take us by large numbers and keep us locked up.”

The teens showed me images of what was being done to them (details in Silent Whispers).

“They tell us we will never escape.”

They told us what they also had to witness.

I repeated this out loud and heard Andrea groan. I was told that the radiation experiments were only part of it, there was also testing to see how it impacted growth in the human body.

I conveyed to them that they could cross over, that they did not have to stay there. I knew they could hear me and I hoped they would trust my words. I also knew there was much assistance to guide them…when they trusted.

Andrea pointed in another direction saying she felt someone hiding.

I looked and there was a teenage girl there who did appear to be hiding. She was not eager to speak with us, but we walked over as much as we could. She was in an area that we couldn’t really get to and she was standoffish and holding back. Within a few minutes, she began to speak.

“I don’t know what they make me do. I just follow orders. I followed a boy here. I just do what they tell me and I don’t get hurt,” she said.

She continued, “They told me it’s not safe to be here, but the boy said it’s ok.”

She showed me that they were taking her blood, but (details in Silent Whispers). As she died, there was a nonphysical person there to control her as she transitioned into the nonphysical.

“There’s a nonphysical man over there watching us, he’s standing by the trees. He looks unhappy by what we’re doing. I think he’s trying to stop the teens from receiving help.”

I later learned that that was, in fact, his intent. But he was not a deceased person. He was a fully alive government man who was projecting his mental body, to appear as nonphysical, to interfere with the teens receiving help. Because he appeared nonphysical, I assumed he was deceased, but this wasn’t so.

Two women came walking down the trail and heading towards us.

“What are you all looking at?” she asked as she looked in the direction where we were communicating with the girl.

“Oh…the beautiful scenery. It’s so pretty,” we said.

“It is beautiful, isn’t it?”

They seemed satisfied by our answer and moved on.

It felt like the teens would be assisted by others in the nonphysical and we decided to start heading back to Santa Fe.

On our way out, I briefly saw a nonphysical teenage boy on the side of the road. I kept going rather than stopping. Later, he followed me home to share his experience, which was quite different from the others.

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