Andrea, Tina, and I were ready to begin planning our next investigation. We really had no idea where to look. In researching potential places, there were many to consider. Which one would be the correct one with the correct timing? It was all intuitive, with some assistance in confirmation.

With much discussion, ‘feeling it out’, and confirmation assistance, we planned our trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico. In my research, I saw that Manzano base was to have been there and later discovered that it was now Kirtland Air Force Base. It’s rumored to have an underground testing facility. There is also the Sandia facility in the same vicinity as well. As soon as we knew our general location to which to travel, much influence ensued.

I came to expect general influence in the form of thought projections trying to influence us not to go, to compel us to feel that it’s not right, or even to the degree of dividing us and the entire trip to fall through.

What I wasn’t expecting was extraterrestrial influence. No…this took me by surprise since I had very little to no direct experience with extraterrestrials.

In short, I came to experience their attempt at instilling fear. Months before our trip was planned to take place, I came to understand what it was like to be face to face with the Greys…in my bedroom…staring me down.

I came to understand how they can and have easily paralyzed me while fully awake and while I saw them stand there…staring at me. I came to understand the fear of paralysis where you cannot scream or move, but can see.

I came to understand what it felt like to be choked at the neck and much energy projected at me to create fear.

It worked. I was scared.

I would be scared to go to sleep sometimes, because I could feel that they would arrive in the night. They would stand there with me fully knowing they had the physical power to paralyze me, in their desire to make me submit.

My father assisted me with the advice: ‘Get pure rose oil. The purest grade you can buy. They are turned off by rose oil.’

As anyone may imagine, I purchased rose oil immediately and it did work. A few times, they came in my room and I could also hear them downstairs making noises. I would grab the rose oil next to my bed and apply it. Eventually they would leave from the rose oil, since my commands alone did nothing to make them leave.

So many times, I would wake up between midnight and 4 a.m. and would feel a creepy energy. I would turn to see them surrounding me, but not paralyzing me…at least not yet. The rose oil became my tool of defense.

But what was it about this trip that had the ETs so annoyed (I use that word lightly since they do not have an emotional body) that they would go to this effort to stop our trip?

My father said, ‘You’re invading their territory. The entire state of New Mexico is their territory as they see it.’

I said that their attempt at fear worked. But it didn’t work to stop me from going. It didn’t stop Tina and Andrea from going either.

We embarked on our journey with an intention to assist children…with my rose oil in hand and our own self-protection.

We would be ready!

Or would we?

Our experiences will follow soon.



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