The One We Missed in Los Alamos

“I was one of the ones you missed, so I followed you here,” he said.

“We missed you? I’m sorry…”

He showed me an image of us driving away and I briefly saw someone standing on the road, but I didn’t stop. I remembered this image.

“There is still control there.”

“Where we were?”


“What are they trying to do?”

“To surpass another,” he said.

I understood him to mean that the scientists’ intent was to create something better or stronger than another group of people.

“You’re intelligent…”

“They studied my mind. They wanted to know how I thought and processed information. I didn’t believe in life after death. I can’t believe I’m here. But then I was standing next to my body. They were resuscitating me.”

“Why were they needing to resuscitate you?”

“I took drugs.”

“How did you get those drugs.”

He didn’t answer.

“Can you tell me what they did to study your brain and mind?”

He showed me card counting.

“That was just one part of it. I studied patterns. Algorithms. I knew things and I could see subtleties that they missed. But I wasn’t a person to them, I was a brain, a computer.”

He showed me images of being intelligent from a very young age.

“I could see how psychics work, how their minds work.”

“You believed in psychics, but not life after death?”

He shook his head no.

“I could see how their mind was working. It made sense to me. Life after death doesn’t make sense to me. Well, it didn’t make sense.”

“How did you feel while seeing your body?”

“I felt very physical. Though, I couldn’t feel what they were doing to me with the CPR.”

“Were there other kids with you like you?”

“A few, there was a girl.”

He showed me a teen girl moving objects with her mind.


“Yes, I saw it and then I knew. I knew it was real.”

“What made you want to take your own life?”

“I was tired of being a rat. They would never let me go. They didn’t hurt me, but I had no life and I knew I never would.”

“Do you want to move into the light?”

“No, not yet. I will. There’s someone I need to find. Someone I care about.”

I acknowledged his response and he left.

His story was quite different from the others. It made sense though, that scientists would explore and study such a mind. I wondered why they needed to keep his experiments a secret since he said they didn’t hurt him. Why not just work with him in a different capacity and allow his freedom? Maybe the people doing this simply had absolutely no regards for human life. How is it possible for ones to have such darkness to their minds, such a closed heart?


About Tami Urbanek

Tami works with people across the United States and Europe as a medium/clairvoyant connecting people with their spirit guides. She also works as a Life Energy Flow Tai Yi practitioner. As a former school teacher, Tami enjoys coaching/teaching others in areas that she has healed within herself, such as fear, self-judgment, and lack of passion. Tami is the vice president of the Universal Education Foundation, a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) and she is working with another board member to create and implement a bullying recovery program for adolescents.

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