They Took Us…

A few days later, I knew I needed to listen to some children’s stories. After spending hours in the sunshine and warm temperatures that are so rare in March in Colorado, I finally settled down to listen.

“They took us,” I heard a deceased child say.

Immediately this child showed me images of being removed from a mother’s arms. The child being removed was an infant. The infant was swaddled in a blanket and this confused me.

“We were taken to hide from the Nazis. We are Jewish and Polish.”

The child, whom I now determined was a girl, was indicating that her mother gave her away in order to save her life.

Five years later, the little girl was taken by the Gestapo. In the images she kept presenting to me, she was moved around from place to place and it appeared from person to person.

“Here, you can use her,” an adult said about the girl.

She was given to scientists for testing.

The little girl showed me her fear at that time and she was held in a solitary room. The room appeared to be clean and sanitary.

One or two adults came into the room to take her to another location; I assumed in the same building. She was screaming and full of fear as they pulled her out of the room to a laboratory. They appeared to have her strapped down and seemed to be checking her eyes, mouth, and other parts of her body. Perhaps this was their definition of a physical exam?

“She’ll do,” one adult said.

Though they must have been speaking in German, it was being presented to me in English as she was conveying her story. She told me her name was Monika.

She showed me being kept inside a dark room and alone. She was fed some food, but she seemed to be in a solitary confinement the whole time.

“They wouldn’t let me see anybody. I would cry for my Momma, but no one came.”

“What did they want from you?”

“They just kept poking at me and hurting me.”

She showed me being poked with needles and strapped down to a table again.

The Speaker was here too and she said, “They removed her blood for testing. They would inject…(details in Silent Whisper) She died a short time later. She never knew her mother, not consciously. The mother is seeking her. The mother remains lost until her daughter is found. You must bring them together.”

“The biological mother?”


“How do I get to the mother?”

“She will come. You must connect them.” She continued, “I will help her until then.”

“Was this in Rzeszow?”

“A different location.”

I knew the mother would come around and maybe soon. I would need to be prepared for her.

I remembered that the girl said ‘we’ and not ‘I’. Who was she talking about?

“They were separated. She knows not what happened to the other. They were both hidden after their birth,” the Speaker said.

I knew the girl was safe with the Speaker and I would be ready for the mother.


About Tami Urbanek

Tami works with people across the United States and Europe as a medium/clairvoyant connecting people with their spirit guides. She also works as a Life Energy Flow Tai Yi practitioner. As a former school teacher, Tami enjoys coaching/teaching others in areas that she has healed within herself, such as fear, self-judgment, and lack of passion. Tami is the vice president of the Universal Education Foundation, a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) and she is working with another board member to create and implement a bullying recovery program for adolescents.

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  1. Hi Tami, I think your work is amazing. Have the souls of the spirits that have not “moved on” able to re-incarnate even though they are trapped in their Earthly circumstances? Meaning, will their souls continue to re-incarnate even though part of them is still trapped on Earth in spirit form from another life? Hope that makes sense to you. Ray


    • Some may have. I have not received any feedback in regards to them reincarnating after they’ve crossed over. They will eventually, but I would think they would need more time to process and review and do some healing in the nonphysical before incarnating again.
      Thank you for reading!


  2. Let me add to my answer. I was answering for the ones who moved on. For the ones who are still in their belief realm, I would highly doubt it. I’ve never heard of someone incarnating without crossing over.

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  3. Love your writing Tami!! Looking forward to your book. Aloha, Wayne

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