Will He Listen to His Guides?

(After speaking with a deceased teenage girl who had come around)

In her place was a teenage boy.

“I was beaten,” he said.

He showed me images of being whipped while…(details will be in Silent Whispers)

“They would give me food, but not a lot. I had to watch images on a screen. I was so tired and they made me keep watching. Tried to fight it, but they controlled me along with the other boys.”


“They wanted to control my mind. They controlled my thoughts, my emotions. I wasn’t always allowed to sleep when I wanted and then I was. It seemed unpredictable sometimes. Sometimes they left me alone for a while, not hurting me or making me do things. And then it would start again.” He continued, “they would take our clothes so we’d be cold.”

“How did they get you?”

“I was walking home alone at night after a party. They stopped to give me a ride and I said yes.”

He showed me a black van and the neighborhood seemed affluent.

“You never went home…”

“No, but they made me call home once.”


“To mislead my parents. They thought I’d gone off the deep end.”

“Do you know how long you’d been there?”


I wondered why he hadn’t moved on to the light and then he answered my question.

He continued, “I don’t know anyone who would want to see me, so I haven’t gone over.”

He said he was taken in 1989 from California.

“I don’t know who, as far as family, would be in the light for you, but I know your guides can help you.”

“Them?” He nods to other side of the room.

I looked over and felt the entities’ energy and it felt compassionate and gentle.

“Yes, I think so…”

“They try to talk to me, to tell me to trust them,” he said.

“Do they ever try to force you, seem like they’re lying to you?”


“Ask them how they can help you,” I said.

“They said it’s ok to love again and they’ll help me find peace,” he said.

He continued, “Thank you for not judging me.”

I could now see he has blonde hair.

I felt the teenage boy move into the light and hopefully would form a friendship with his guides.


About Tami Urbanek

Tami works with people across the United States and Europe as a medium/clairvoyant connecting people with their spirit guides. She also works as a Life Energy Flow Tai Yi practitioner. As a former school teacher, Tami enjoys coaching/teaching others in areas that she has healed within herself, such as fear, self-judgment, and lack of passion. Tami is the vice president of the Universal Education Foundation, a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) and she is working with another board member to create and implement a bullying recovery program for adolescents.

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